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When Chael met Ronda

What do Ronda Rousey and Chael Sonnen have in common?  Neither of them have any apparent stand-up game or testes.  Wocka wocka!  But seriously folks, in keeping with our “All Rousey, All The Time” WMMA coverage, check out this little clip where Chael interrupts Ronda’s “red carpet” interview at the MMA Awards to briefly say hello and/or hit on her.

MiddleEasy called her reaction to the exchange “geeking out”, but I’m not convinced that’s entirely accurate.  While I’m sure she’s still young and enthusiastic enough to be genuinely tickled at getting chatted up by one of the sport’s biggest stars, it also seemed awful similar to the kind of “WTF?” laugh that young girls share with their friends right after I try to hit on them at awards shows.  The enormous size of my balls is common knowledge with the ladies, but that doesn’t seem to help my prospects anyway, so keep on trying, Chael.

Meanwhile, what’s got two thumbs and much better luck with cute fighter-girls?  THIS GUY.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    Did she say “I’m wet” at the 55 second mark.

  • kwagnuth says:

    My guess is she probably hasn’t gotten a whole lot of fucky fucky in her life because of all the training and such which would explain why she is so gaga over Chaels charms. I bet the whole purpose of that interuption was to gauge whether or not he could get in those panties and he sooo could.

  • X says:

    I’m agreeing with kwagnuth on this…. chael sooo could get in those panties, and probably already did.  Where I don’t agree with kwagnuth is this…. “…she probably hasn’t gotten a whole lot of fucky fucky in her life because of all the training and such…”  Opposite is probably true.  She’s around guys all the time training, all this while there isn’t many ladies around.  It’s called the military effect, where ugly women suddenly become the hottest piece of ass around because they are the only piece of ass around.  However, Ronda isn’t ugly, so I’m sure she constantly gets hit on and fucks all the time.

  • CAP says:

    Is that a nipple under her left eye?