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When advertising gets personals

The Mixed Martial art scene is starting to attract an increasingly affluent crowd, so much so that one of the new sponsors for MMAJunkie is the exciting new website called

Before you go on thinking that this site is a thinly veiled excuse for an escort agency, consider the fact that one female member, ‘Nursecandycane’, thinks that “it’s time for your checkup”. See how caring she is, reminding us that we need to have regular scheduled doctors appointments? What kind of escort would say something so responsible? And of course there’s ‘Phenominal’, who believes she’s entitled to the best, who shows off her trim body while being spreading it on a 80,000 dollar BMW. It’s obviously hers, and doesn’t belong to some john who’s dick she was sucking. Why would she need your money if she owns such an expensive car?

Ok, so I’m not totally being honest. The site isn’t a direct sponsor. MMAJunkie has deals with advertising agencies who chose for themselves what kinds of ads will appear. Now, one could argue that most of the advertising companies simply try and attract as many different sponsors as possible. And while it’s true that MMA has one of the most lucrative demographic in the world (that coveted 18-35), it’s also true that the type of advertisers it attracts aren’t always a good match with actual fans of the sport. For example, our site regularly has ads for universities, which would be fine if it was for “Burger King U” rather than McGill.

Still, I’m interested to see if the advertising world starts getting a little smarter about how they spend their money on MMA sites. Clothing, booze, video games and movies always have a good home in this world. Advil and Marriot hotels: not so much.