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Wheeling and dealing preceeds Fedor vs Overeem

While Strikeforce and M-1 have been tiptoeing around a Fedor / Overeem fight like discussing it will somehow jinx the entire process, there are some very obvious signs coming through that the fight is being set up as we speak. First, from M-1:

“Following this fight now we have one more fight on the cards,” Kogan said. “That’s the future for now, there’s one more fight following the June 26 fight and that fight is more likely than not on pay-per-view.”

Of course M-1 Global promotes several fighters, but one thing is guaranteed when and if that pay-per-view happens. Fedor Emelianenko will be leading the charge.

“That is a fight for Fedor that is co-promotion by M-1 Global and Strikeforce,” Kogan stated.

I really hope that the current deal between the two already irons out all the details about what happens when a show is on PPV, otherwise we could be waiting a very long time as the two sides bicker about how many unknown Russian fighters get to be on the prelim card.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the match’s equation, it looks like Strikeforce is getting completely in bed with Alistair Overeem and his Golden Glory camp to ensure they’re happy leading up to the big fight:

According to Dutch site, Strikeforce has signed Golden Glory fighters Valentijn Overeem and Sergei Kharitonov. This makes four recent Golden Glory signings for Strikeforce, who also added Siyar Bahadurzada and Dion Staring.

At one time, Valentijn was a highly regarded HW in MMA, even scoring a submission win over Randy Couture. Sadly, those days are gone, and Valentijn is clearly second fiddle to brother Alistair at this point. I don’t see him having much impact for Strikeforce, and would anticipate him being featured on a Challengers event to debut.

Hey, who said Fedor was the only one allowed to add kickbacks into their deals? Bahadurzada and Kharitonov are pretty good signings regardless, and anything Strikeforce can do to make absolutely sure Japan doesn’t steal Fedor vs Overeem from them is just smart business.