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What’s up with the UFC Countdown shows?

This has always confused me: Why the fuck are the UFC Countdown shows only released less than a week before the event? The UFC can replay the fuck out of All Access episodes, but once an event is over, their countdown shows are pretty much scrap. So why the fuck aren’t they putting them out earlier and playing them 100 times over the course of two to three weeks? has the show playing three times … three fucking times.

Hey, the UFC can do whatever they want, but it just seems to me like it would make sense for them to release these things a bit earlier and stuff em into Spike’s dead zones a bit more often.

  • jd says:

    It also seems like a waste of money too. Looks as though a good amount of production value goes into the UFC countdown, only to be shown the week before. Hardly enough time for everyone to be able to see it.

  • kentyman says:

    I download ’em off the ‘webs as soon as they come out.

    Is there irony in stealing the countdown show that’s supposed to convince me to buy the pay-per-view?

  • You would imagine they’d use all avenues available to get the countdown show to people! The fact that they don’t have a torrent address for the show + all related media shows how they’re behind the times.

  • marshal says:

    I like to pay for the countdown show then steal the PPV.

  • Jaiden says:

    I was thinking the same thing a few days ago about the Bisping/Evans match-up. I know they only have a limited amount of shows they can produce, but it sure would help.

    However, market research on PPVs may indicate that the best time to hype an event to maximize buys is a few days before the event or on the day of…..

  • Zheroen says:

    Jaiden: Airing the countdown show earlier than they currently do wouldn’t prevent them from re-airing it again later. As it is, they’re just wasting money.