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What’s up with Mike Winkeljohn’s eye

With Greg Jackson sitting out GSP vs Condit, the oft-overlooked Mike Winkeljohn is finally getting some attention. The latest UFC Primetime episode spent a decent amount of time on the striking coach, including a story about how a kick blinded him in one eye. Here’s Sherdog’s retelling of the story:

When the man affectionately known as “Wink” felt the toenail of a longtime kickboxing student slice his eyeball in half, his mind began to race — not with thoughts of fear, denial or self-pity, however, but of an impending trip to corner one of his fighters in Puerto Rico the next day. A cut, which was Winkeljohn’s initial self-diagnosis, would surely add a measure of inconvenience to the work ahead. It quickly became apparent that his situation was far more serious than a run-of-the-mill scrape.

“I asked the person that kicked me if it was cut,” Winkeljohn recalled. “He goes, ‘No, coach, it’s your eyeball.’ I felt moisture, and it was all the fluid from inside my eye. It just shriveled up like a little grape; I was in shock, so I didn’t feel it. I saw [the look] on the doctor’s face after she examined me. I knew [it was bad].”

Reason #135,487 not to get into mixed martial arts: having your eyeball sliced in half. The entire UFC Primetime: GSP vs Condit episode after the jump.