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What’s up with Jorgensen’s skin

Scott Jorgensen is getting some press leading up to his fight against Takeya Mizugaki, and of course if you’re gonna talk about Jorgensen you kinda have to address the blotchy skinned elephant in the room. From Josh Gross’ article:

As a high school sophomore in Alaska, where he lived before moving to Idaho for his final year to improve chances of earning a scholarship to a top wrestling program, Jorgensen was diagnosed with vitiligo, a relatively common disorder that destroys or weakens pigment, causing white spots or patches to appear on the skin. It is said that vitiligo isn’t so much a physical disorder as a mental one because of the self-esteem issues that are associated with it. Jorgensen couldn’t cover up what was happening, not if he was going to be any kind of competitor. Not of he intended to be honest about who he was. So he did his best to let it go, even as patches climbed both arms by the time he was a senior. goes one step further and builds their entire article  – called ‘Skin Disorder No Match for Jorgenson’ – around it. Lots of quotes in there talking about how he dealt with the issue growing up. Now I think it’s actually kinda an advantage. If it wasn’t for the vitiligo he’d just be another generic fighter with a douchy haircut. Now people remember him because he’s that badass with the skin condition.