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What’s up this weekend

Lots of good shit going on this weekend … unfortunately, you and I aren’t very likely to see most of it. But here’s what’s worth paying attention to in the world of actual MMA events.

Palace Fighting Championship
Why you should care: Brad Imes is replacing Justin Eilers against some poor bastard. Let’s see if Brad can push his gogoplata streak to three in a row.

MTL Finals
Why you should care: MTL is Brazil’s version of the IFL, except it’s properly managed and not bleeding money like a decapitated hemophiliac. Murilo Bustamante’s team takes on Antonio Rogerio Nogueira’s team, which is interesting because Nogueira left Murilo’s BTT on bad terms.

Shooto: Back to Our Roots 6
Why you should care: Because Jordan Breen says you should! I dunno when and how you can watch this show, but know that Jor-Jor will be watching it with a heavy stock of tissues and lubricant. Japan’s top female fighter Megumi Fujii will be fighting, along with Joachim Hansen and Antonio Carvalho.

Hansen is a favorite to win unless his opponent shows up in rainbow tights, which is his Achilles heel apparently. Antonio Carvalho is the man because he trains hardcore fight bitch Roxy “Queen of Mean” Modafferi. Also, Takeshi Inoue is gonna try and prove he’s not washed up. If you’re into that kinda stuff it should be decent.

EliteXC : Renegade
Why you should care:
Because this is the only show you’re likely to actually be able to watch this weekend. Nick Diaz and Kimbo Slice have been given relatively soft opponents, but at least Kimbo will be fighting someone who’s actually got some experience rather than a boxer who’s just cashing a paycheck.

Jake Shields vs Mike Pyle could be interesting. Mike Pyle thinks he’s a superstar so I guess we’ll see if he can back that shit up. Antonio Silva is on the card fresh from brain surgery to remove a pituitary tumor that caused him to be a freak. Finally, you know a card is pretty fucking good when Yves Edwards is at the bottom of your list. This card is made to showcase EliteXC fighters, and it should be pretty damn entertaining.

  • Jonathan says:

    I think that Kimbo will win his fight by a RNC and not by totally brutal KO. The Shooto BTOR 6 is going to be totally off the hizzy…something you guys in Canada may not know that much about.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    i hope Jake Shields Pyle Drives that turd.

  • Royal B. says:

    Gary Shaw fears Mega Megu

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    Does Kimbo roll out to the cage w/ his possee? Is the milf hunter one of his cornermen?

  • hbdale309 says:

    I just wanna put this out there: I got Bo Cantrell by TKO over K-Ferg.
    Bo has always collapsed under pressure and there’s none against Kimbo; he’s the underdog and everybody is expecting him to get mud holed by Slice. This is Kimbo’s 1st real mma fight, and he should be facing a total CAN like Bourke or a guy that’s 0-0 or 0-1 not a guy who defended his HW belt 5 times in Gladiator Challenge and was once a big time prospect.

    I’m rootin’ for Kimbo but something tells me we’ve all been tricked into thinking he’s a good fighter. I dunno, maybe I realized this when he issued several Chill Dawgs then failed to get up from that last 30 second count against The Cannon Gannon.

  • Want to see the old Nick Diaz that had power behing those pitter-patter punches.
    KIMBO IS A BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    only cus Bas and tompkins said so.

  • Audacity says:

    Shooto: BTOR 6 is the PRIDE FC junkie’s fix to stop shaking from the withdrawal. Later cards will come in a syringe that you can inject directly into the blood stream. We Canadians know/care more about the UFC, which has all of PRIDE’s best fighters–with the exceptions of Fedor and Gomi–anyway. Shooto managed to pick up the washouts? Grats.

  • John says:

    Hansen’s a pretty bad ass lightweight and hes #8 on MMA Weekly.

  • c-ing_red says:

    Diaz’ arms are burnt out too – but its okay, 5 OZ said so.

  • DannyP says:

    As much as I love watching Diaz fight, you can’t forget about Cotto-Mosely

  • K. Hackney says:

    “not bleeding money like a decapitaded hemophiliac …”

    See, now before this post I never knew hemophiliacs bled money, decapitated or otherwise :-)

  • Jordan Breen says:

    There’s also a pretty good CAGE FORCE card this weekend, as well as the annual HERO’S card in Lithuania. Some other good boxing beyond Cotto-Mosley too, with Froch-Reid and Mormeck-Haye.

  • intenso says:

    K. Hackney: that would be a pretty good idea for a sci-fi story…a future world where blood is used as currency…