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What’s up this weekend

I know I’ve been sucking some cancerous testicles lately when it comes to covering events and I’m gonna try and make it up to you guys over the next few months. So in that spirit, I’m bringing back the self explanatory “What’s up this weekend” post. So … what’s up this weekend???

Bellator: These guys have been nice enough to give us a glimpse of what life would be like with weekly MMA and I have to say I dig it quite a bit. Not only does this give fans a reliable MMA product to watch every weekend, but Bellator has done a good job of building up a huge amount of momentum over three months.

This week’s event features the semi-finals for Bellator’s middleweight tournament. The only real name of the bunch is Cuban judoka Hector Lombard, who would be in the UFC right now if it wasn’t for America’s unwillingness to forgive that whole Cuban missile crisis thingy.

How to watch: The event happens tonight (Friday) in Monroe Louisiana and will be shown on ESPN Desportes Saturday at 9PM.

War Gods 5: The promotion that brought you Ken Shamrock versus fat neckbeard dude now bring you something slightly less silly. Unless you’re a Vernon ‘Tiger’ White fan, the only other notable fight is Kit Cope versus Pancrase Neo-Blood tournament winner Steve Magdaleno, who replaced Andy Wang. I’m sure it must have been something really serious to keep ” target=”_blank”>a warrior like Wang from fighting. The show also features ‘TUF veteran’ Joe Duarte, who didn’t even make it past the eliminator round of season 8.

How to watch: Unless you’re in Alpine, California this Saturday, you’ll have to shell out some money for the internet stream.

The Fight Club 7: Canadian MMA fans have something to pay attention to as Ryan Ford strikes out on his own to try and prove he’s not an MFC creation. Victor Valimaki (who was in the UFC for about 5 seconds two years ago) will also try to build on a 4-fight win streak.

How to watch: Head to the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton Alberta. Want directions? Drive up for a really long time then towards the middle of the continent. This might not work if you live outside North America.