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What’s up this weekend

TKO 34
Where / When: Saturday June 7th, Montreal
Why you should care: Montreal’s hometown promotion returns, and they’re still trying to turn hockey enforcer turned MMA fighter Steve Bosse into a star. He’ll be facing off against UFC veteran Wes Sims (who I assumed was dead). Past that it’s a lot of guys with really french names like Thierry, Yannick, Stephane Dube, and Guillaume fighting. I would have gone to this if guys running it weren’t retards who booked it on the same day as UFC85.
How to watch: The Fight Network and RDS both show TKO, but I don’t think it’s live. Sorry if that’s kinda vague, but the Fight Network just upgraded their site and doesn’t have their TV listings.

UFC 85
Where / When: Saturday June 7th, London England
Why you should care: I know it’s not the same without Chucky boy but this card is full of several really important fights that could go either way. While a lot of big PPV cards are the culmination of series events, I think people will look back at UFC 85 as a turning point for a lot of fighters. Is Matt Hughes still as good as he used to be? Is Brandon Vera all hype and no substance? Can Michael Bisping walk the walk? Oh, and there’s the conclusion of the Ipecac bet to think about too!
How to watch: This is in the UK so the show starts at 3pm on PPV and through Yahoo’s awesome streaming service. For those of you who have lives during the day, it’ll get replayed at 10pm. If you can’t get it, we’ll be doing play by play and a post event show.

Sengoku Third Battle
Where / When: Sunday June 8th, Saitama, Japan
Why you should care: While the lineup isn’t that flashy, it should make for solid entertainment. Yoshida, Misaki, and Fujita are all facing off against gaijin that they actually have a chance of beating. So it’ll be a feel good honor time show!
How to watch: As far as I know, there’s no way to watch this until it hits the youtubes after the event happens. If you know more than I do, please message me! JapanMMA is also doing a play by play if you want to know results as they happen.

Kelly Pavlik vs Gary Lockett
When / Where: Saturday June 7th, Atlantic City
Why you should care: Kelly Pavlik is an exciting fighter who took Jermaine Taylor out in back to back fights. Gary Lockett doesn’t stand much of a chance (he’s been given 10-1 odds), so I’m expecting some flair from Pavlik.
How to watch: HBO, 10PM EST

  • Carcass says:

    I’ve had a quick look through the Japanese Sengoku site and the PPV companies that are running the show (スカバー) and I can’t find anything about an online stream, sorry.

  • jd says:

    I’m wondering if the PPV will be up for download by the time 10PM hits. Maybe a long shot.

  • koolpaw says:

    Sengoku Third Battle
    Why you should care: ONLY for

    How come none of u dont pick up that bout of light weight? its one of the Assignments that bodogFIGHT coudnt finish like Alvarez vs. Nick Thompson II, Tara vs. Roxy II and pushing that crazy grappling kick-boxer Muguel Torres.

  • randall says:

    Once again, the worst show on the weekend goes to zuffa.

    These losers couldn’t put a couple good ppvs together if their life depended on it.

    By the way, fightlinker, is there anything you’d like me to say to the Fedor fans on your behalf. Possibly a defense?

    I mean you seem to think it’s acceptable to run down all non-zuffa mma. You even think you can make light of the Russian mob kidnapping Fedor? You seem to think that’s funny? Am I wrong on this. Please email me. Explain yourself. I’m all for humor, but you seem to be crossing the line. I do expect an explanation.

  • DannyP72 says:

    You’re insane if you think Sengoku is better than UFC 85.

    Also Go Misaki!

  • The Sengoku card could potentially do better numbers due to names on the card, but as far as quality goes, it’s a pretty horrible card. Then again, MMA in Japan is on a downcycle, so who knows.

  • Explanation: we is assholes. It’s pretty much all we’re good for. So says my mom.

  • TKO probably didnt have choice since there’s a boxing event on Friday and I’m sure they didnt want to go at the same time as that.

  • Airipsus says:

    you guys should have upped the anty for the ipeac bet cuz of the draw. it is already a pretty tame bet as you and jacob already throw up each others jizzum every morning anyway. you should throw up in to a cup, then drink it, then throw it up again.then… kick each other in the nuts for good measure.or you could just bet that you will stop coming up with lame ass excuses for why u let the site laG sometimes if u lose.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    Fujita, Misaki and Yoshida actually have a combined record of 23-20-2 against subhuman Gaijin barbarians.

    Against foreign devils Fujita does the best, Misaki breaks even and Yoshida just sorta sucks.

  • Asa says:

    Holy shit, Randall you need to stop. When do the Fightlinkers not bash the UFC? They bash everything, including each other.

    If you think “A line has been crossed” and “They’ve taken your family” then your mom needs to explain to you that in the real world, people don’t have to say shit like that to get attention.

    They say things like “Shit,” “Fuck,” and “Cunt.” Get it right.

  • scorchamatic says:

    i must say, that is an extreme level of butthurt over a fedor emilianenko joke. wait a minute… this really jcvd?

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    if you want to watch sengoku live just download the tvuplayer and find the mma channel. the stream will be shitty, illegal, and nearly unwatchable but who cares.

    Now if only I could figure out what time the event starts. Time zones are part of the international conspiracy to keep ron paul out of the white house.

  • islandguy says:

    the tko is at night and the UFC at 3 montreal time…

  • Carcass says:

    …Sengoku is in JAPAN, fucknut…