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What’s up this weekend

YAMMA Pit Fighting
Why you should care: Make sure to note what you’re up to so you can tell your kids where you were when the Yamma revolutionized MMA as we know it. None of the fights on this card really ‘matter’ in the grand scheme of things, but the curiosity factor surrounding this card is strong indeed. Will we see an epic tournament, or will the heavyweights gas out before the second round even starts? Will the Yamma pit result in numerous broken ankles and twisted knees as fighters trip up the edge? One thing is for sure: I can’t wait to find out if this event is awesome good or awesome bad. Friday night, 9PM on PPV

K1 World Grand Prix
Why you should care: Semmy Schilt vs Mark Hunt, baby! Also, Badr Hari vs Ray Sefo, Glaube Feitosa, and Mighty Mo. This is going on Sunday in Japan … good luck figuring out a way to catch it live, but this stuff usually ends up on the youtubes soon after.

Strikeforce on NBC
Why you should care: It’s the premiere of Strikeforce’s late late late late night show! Originally I thought everyone was saying they’d get the post-Saturday Night Live slot, but now it looks like Strikeforce is on after “Poker After Dark”. So if you plan on staying up to watch it, be aware: it ain’t on till 2AM and it’s only 30 minutes long. Oh, and the first episode is about Cung Le.

  • rpw229 says:

    Don’t forgot Cintron-Margarito & Cotto vs Gomez, i know it’s boxing but it should be 2 decent fights, i know i for one am stoked for Cintron-Margarito

  • Atom says:

    MMA on NBC? HA! Barely. Does TIVO’ing even count towards ratings, because I could see this show getting a 0.2

  • nbc sucks says:

    Strikeforce 2-2:30 AM? Man, I really wanted to see this show to support the company but there’s no way I’m staying up to 2-2:30 and they probably don’t even count DVR in the ratings. Strikeforce needs something better than a graveyard time lost.

  • clint notestine says:

    Semi-Shit vs Mark Hunt should be fun to watch.

  • DannyP72 says:

    Also the 2 light heavyweight title fights on Showtime

    Antonio Tarver – Clinton Woods
    Chad Dawson – Glen Johnson