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What’s up this weekend

DREAM.1 Lightweight Tournament
Why you should care: Well, first off it’s Zombie PRIDE and K1 teaming up to restart what should be the future of Japan’s MMA scene. So it’s a pretty fucking historic moment in MMA history. Past that you’ve got a whole bunch of the best international lightweight talent fighting, and while a lot of the really exciting matchups won’t occur till the next round, you can bet this will be a night of good fights. Oh, and of course Mirko Crocop’s gonna kick the head off some can.

ICON: Baroni vs Hose
Why you should care: It’s free streaming on, which is just about the right price. Baroni really should win this fight, but apparently you never know when his muscles will mysteriously snap and roll up like curtain blinds on him. Hose is a knockout artist too, so this should be a great fight.

Marquez vs Pacquiao II
Why you should care: I’ll let Brent Brookhouse from Bloody Elbow tell you: “We’re talking the pound for pound #2 vs. #5, both all-action fighters, and a rematch of one of the best fights of the last 10 years.” Another chance for all you peeps that hate boxing to see the light.

MMA Bushido 2008
Why you should care: Keep an eye on the winners of this event, because this is a pretty damn good lineup of talented Europeans. It includes Kestutis Smirnovas, who single handedly beat Sakuraba’s brain to mush a while back.

Also, for you Japanese MMA fans, Shooto’s giving you two shows this weekend: Shooto Gig Central and Shooto Gig West. I’m still waiting for a rich millionaire to take me over to Japan for a weekend of fights and fun. Come on … do it!