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What’s up in Montreal this weekend

Just a quick note regarding the Crash MMA bus. I’ve been a bit quiet about it lately since I figured it would be sold out to the max, but I just heard that there are a few more spots left for those interested in going from Toronto to Montreal for UFC 97.

Note that the bus leaves TOMORROW for a full weekend of debauchery in Montreal. So if you’re gonna move on that, move on it fast.

Scott from Crash MMA says he also has a few tickets left as well, so if you’re still looking then maybe you should get in touch! As well, if you’d like to participate in the Crash MMA meet and greet with Wanderlei Silva, it’s $25 and that gets you a pic with him, an autograph picture of him and you are entered into a draw to win two UFC 101 tickets. Again, get in touch with Scott and he’ll give you the time and place.

People have been wondering what we’re up to this weekend and truth be told we’re going to keep it relatively quiet. I know, I know. Last time we went all out. But our relationship with MMA is similar to most normal romantic relationships: at first you can’t wait to get home and fuck each other’s brains out, but after two years it just seems like a lot of effort to bother with all that foreplay and cunnilingus.

So we’re keeping it simple: On Friday we’ll be at the weigh-ins and then immediately after we’ll be heading over to Joe Rogan’s comedy show at the Kola Note. On Saturday we’ll be at the Cage Au Sports on Rene-Levesque (2 minutes walk from the Bell Centre, but not the one inside the arena, it’s too huge and packed) at 3PM for pre-event drinking. Don’t worry about not being able to find us … the place is pretty small and Jake and I will be wearing Fightlinker swag so it’ll be easy to identify us.

Anyone else who wants to get in touch, email me and we’ll sort something out.