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What’s next for Paul Daley

Paul Daley passed his test against Dustin Hazelett with flying colors. It didn’t hurt that Hazelett pulled a page from his teacher Jorge Gurgel’s playbook, but hitting a guy so hard he forgets what year it is and needs to be stretchered out of the cage is still pretty impressive. So what’s next for the British KO artist? Originally word was that the UFC wanted to re-book a fight with Carlos Condit since Daley has already poured a few gallons (or liters) of gasoline (or petrol) on that fire:

Condit pulled out after sustaining an injury to his hand but Daley believes that is an excuse. He called Condit “a pussy” when he first pulled out and repeated the accusation in one of Dana White’s video blogs this week.

“That’s bullshit man, I know its bullshit. He is a fucking pussy, I already said that in an interview because I know what’s up,” said Daley, who fights Dustin Hazelett at this weekend’s event. “I was really interested in that fight because the way I put it in my head was, Condit came in [to the UFC] as the WEC champion, Kampmann beat him and I beat Kampmann so I was the WEC champion in my mind.

“I just wanted to put the beat down on him to say ‘I’m the champ dude’ but the guy pulled out. Pussy. He knows he’s a pussy because I put it on one of my blogs,” Daley added, before addressing the camera and Condit directly to say “So Carlos, after I knock this dude out, what’s up?”

But now Dana White is talking about putting him up against Josh Koscheck or Jon Fitch (while once again hinting that he’d rather be booking Koscheck versus Fitch). Those two are pretty dangerous opponents since they’ve got the wrestling chops to put Daley on his back and keep him there. Maybe Koscheck is dumb enough to maybe try and stand with Daley for a minute or two (which is all it seems to take), but Fitch played it safe even against Mike Pierce for fuck’s sake. If Paul Daley is Semtex, Jon Fitch is the kind of stanky underwear explosive that doesn’t really go off and just burns the shit out of your genitals. Mark me down as unexcited for that prospective fight.

Midsy raises an interesting point though: before Daley gets thrown into the welterweight title mix he needs to prove he can consistently make weight:

Paul Daley explained away his failure to make weight on Friday by saying he missed a day and a half of his weight cut because of a travel snafu.

That excuse doesn’t cut it. If Daley had no history of missing weight, I could maybe — maybe — see using a travel problem as a reason for coming in over. But Daley does have a history of missing weight. After stepping on the scale at 172 for Friday’s weigh-in, Daley has now missed weight in three of his last six fights: He came in at 171.5 for MFC 20 in February of 2009 and at 174 for MFC 19 in December of 2008.

I agree that his history of blowing weight is worrisome, but it’s hard to be too critical this time since that ‘travel snafu’ involved Daley being stuck in a Washington DC airport because of the REAL stanky underwear bomber, pushing his cut a day and a half off schedule. I don’t know if this is a legit excuse or not but having lost over a day and a half of my life in airports over the holidays myself, it buys some sympathy from me.