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What’s next for Wanderlei

Say what you will about Sam Caplan, but he writes killer post-event writeups that make most other people’s analysis look like “Yea, Wanderlei sux lol time 2 retire!” Speaking of Wanderlei sucking and how it’s time to retire, here’s what Sam thinks is in the future for Wanderlei:

However, economics are the least of the concerns regarding Silva’s UFC future. This is a human life we are talking about and there are other factors that need to be addressed. Silva has been the victim of several brutal knockouts over the course of a relatively short span. It’s important to not forget that former UFC competitor Sean Salmon had his license suspended in the state of California because he absorbed one brutal KO too many. Another bad knockout for Silva and the Nevada State Athletic Commission may find itself in a position where it has to intervene.

During a recent interview leading up to UFC 92, Silva once again was asked the question about whether he’d consider a move to middleweight. Unlike the past, he didn’t rule the possibility out. But forget about considering the move, it’s time to just go ahead and make it. Silva is not what he once was and can no longer swim with the sharks in the UFC’s stacked light heavyweight division. He needs to move down in weight in an attempt to reinvent himself in a division that isn’t anywhere near as deep as 205 and contains fewer power punchers.

Wanderlei at 185 is a pretty sound idea if you ask me. Fighting guys like Jason MacDonald sounds a lot safer than the alternative, and if you wanna see if he’s really washed up you can match him up against Chris Leben and see what happens. Personally, I’m still interested in seeing Wanderlei compete but not if it results in seeing him spazz out on the canvas like an epileptic after every fight. Middleweight is a perfect fit and either we’d get a year’s worth of watching the Axe Murderer chewing through TUF rejects or a clear undeniable sign that Silva needs to hang up the gloves.