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What’s next for Rich Franklin?

The question I really wanted to ask during the post-event press conference was “What’s next for Rich Franklin?” However, I was still a bit drunk off the crowd and was afraid if I opened my mouth everyone would point at me and scream “FRAUD! BLOGGER! DEATH TO THEE!”. They’d drag me from my chair, rip my fancy work shirt open to reveal the damning ‘FREE RANDY’ t-shirt beneath, and then they would rip me apart and eat my guts a la “Day of the Dead”.

So I kept my mouth shut.

But it’s still a damn good question, one that Mike Sloan from Sherdog also wonders:

Unless Anderson Silva loses the title, moves up to light heavyweight or retires, Zuffa will be hard-pressed to figure out what to do with Rich Franklin (Pictures) as far as a title shot goes. Not to sound disrespectful, but no matter how many wins he racks up and no matter whom he beats, how is Zuffa really going to market a third fight between the two when Silva has blown him out of the water both times? Unfortunately for Franklin, one of the classiest guys in the sport, he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

With all the retardo talk of GSP moving up to middleweight, I’m not quite sure why no one is talking the same about Rich Franklin moving up to light heavyweight. It’s not like Rich didn’t used to fight at 205 in the past, and it cleans the middleweight division up so that Franklin doesn’t continue to whup all the potential contenders the UFC is trying to build. Honestly, Rich is too good to just bounce around in the MW class just kinda waiting till Anderson Silva gets struck by lightning or something equally improbable happening (like Silva losing).

  • dignan says:

    It’s too bad Silva whooped him so badly..twice. Even Franklin knows he doesn’t have much of a chance against him.

    Maybe they need to come up with an “Intercontinental Champion” similar to WWF…I never understood why they had that title. Now I know.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    What’s next you ask? How about Rich making Bisping his bitch. I’d give my left nutt for that match. After he pwns him, he can move up to LH.

  • Method says:

    Combine that infamous training regime with a diet ala somalia and we could see GSP Franklin!

  • Spyker says:

    there is a short interview with Rich, where he mentions the 205 issue.

  • a says:

    How about we see Franklin go beat down Paulo Filho, taje that undefeated record. Then, we could see Chael Sonnen vs Franklin?

    Oh, who am I kidding…..he’d clean up there, and get bored. It’d be like putting a great white shark in a swimming pool.

  • garth says:

    i think rich walks into the cage at 205 now…

  • Method says:

    Actually, der can’t believe I didn’t think of this before. The obvious choice is Hendo Franklin.

    Then once he loses to Hendo, the UFC can cut him loose and get Hendo another shot.

  • Accomando says:

    I don’t know, watching Franklin get his nose snapped for a 3rd time wouldn’t break my heart, and actually, I am almost anxious to see just how Anderson would alter Frankiln’s appearance.

  • ninjitsu says:

    Sure, Rich Franklin is in a weird “#2 without being the top title contender” position. He’s going to make a lot of people look bad at 185 who might otherwise be obvious choices for a title shot. But, the more I think about it, the less I think this is really a bad thing.

    The reason Rich matches up so poorly with Anderson Silva is that Anderson is clearly better at everything Rich is good at. Rich’s strength is his striking. Do you really think that Rich is going to dominate someone who could go on to dominate Silva?

    My prediction is a really great wrestler is going to show up who dominates Rich on the ground and then moves on to take the title from Silva. When? I don’t know.. but until then, is it really such a bad thing for people Rich can beat to get a shot at Anderson?

  • Zurich says:

    A.Silva – Okami
    Franklin – Hendo
    Bisping – Belcher/Day/whomever

  • garth says:

    ninjitsu: the problem there is that silva still has to defend his title… though it looks like the UFC is getting in the habit of shelving the belt for a year when someone wins it.

  • penxv says:

    I really really want to fight him. I don’t think highly of him at all.

  • ninjitsu says:

    Maybe after Silva KO’s Okami, they should make Silva a coach on TUF 😉 At least it’d tie up the belt for a few months while they build up some contenders :)

  • garth says:


    or…clone him.

  • I’d bet my house (err, my parents’ house) that somewhere in the not so distant future they match Hendo and Franklin up, more than ever especially now, since they’re both in tremendously similar situations with Anderson and 205.

    And the they’ll probably push the winner to make the move up to 205. Which IMO, for Dan is the right thing and would be a really good thing for him, and would absolutely not be for Rich. He is simple stuck. Trying to fight at 205 would mark the downfall of his career as he will never be the same caliber of fighter as that weight than as MW. Rich just has to toil around and wait for Silva to faulter. Hendo, however, does tremendous at LHW and almost relishes the weight disadvantage. He could be champion at 205 again in time.

  • Popetastic says:

    I don’t really understand why we need to toss guys who can’t win the title. Rich puts on exiting fights nearly every time out, and has thumped everybody outside of Anderson Silva. He doesn’t need to be champ to be relevant, or remains a fan favorite.

    As long as he gets nice paychecks to fight, I doubt he’ll complain too much about not being MW champion. I would love to see him lay a beating on Filho, as someone mentioned. After seeing how easily Sonnen controlled Paulo until making a big mistake and giving up a limb, I think Rich would have his way with him.

  • Trembling Eagle says:

    I want to see Rich get beat up by Silva once a year. I’ve not even kidding. I loved it the first time
    more the 2nd and would wait in line for 3.