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What’s next for Karo Parysian?

The big question everyone has forgotten to ask after UFC71 is “What’s next for Karo Parysian?” As we mentioned in our UFC71 podcast, things couldn’t have gone much better for Karo. He dominated the entire fight, was never in danger, and basically smacked Burkman around like a bitch for 15 minutes. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t manage to finish off the fight, but overall it was a thorough dismantling and entertaining to boot. So … what is next for Karo?

Well, you can rule out a title shot any time soon. With Matt Sera tied up with The Ultimate Fighter 6 until fall, there’s not going to be any title shots for a while. I think the math was something like 4 months until Serra and Hughes fight, and then another 3 months before whoever wins that fight is gonna fight again. That means at least one more fight before Parisyan gets his shot. Lets take a looksie into the potential competition:

Diego Sanchez : Not only one of the best matches of 2006, but a razor thin decision to boot. The only reason this fight isn’t guaranteed to be Karo’s next bout is because the UFC may not be willing to put Diego in a position to lose a second fight in a row.

Georges St Pierre : Another good rematch, if GSP wasn’t already set to tangle with Josh Koscheck in August. But I wouldn’t be surprised if GSP and Karo Parisyan end up fighting for #1 contender status around November or December.

Jon Fitch : The choice of the Underground, but I don’t think you’ll be seeing Fitch fighting Karo soon. Karo Parisyan has been relegated to gatekeeper for two fights now: against Drew ‘the Drunk’ Fickett and Josh ‘Bitchback’ Burkman. He’s firmly back in the welterweight belt chase, so there’s no way he’s going to have to fight a ‘lesser’ opponent. He’s given the UFC the goods, and his next fight will be against someone ahead of him in the rankings. Which is bad news for Diego and GSP.

  • intenso says:

    They will feed Karo a can so they’ll have a hyped up contender to face the Matt-Matt winnar.