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What’s next for Georges?

From my understanding of general social trends, there seems to be two reactions to Georges St Pierre’s win last night: one is that GSP is fucking amazing for being able to take a bigger stronger Thiago Alves down at will without breaking a sweat, even after his groin went snippidy snap in the third round. The others focus on how little Georges accomplished from that position. As Jim Genia said, “That groin injury he sustained was inevitable. No one can dry hump someone for 25 minutes without injuring themselves. No one.”

I’ll admit that GSP looked a little too Sherkish for my liking on Saturday, but the reasonable side of my brain (admittedly the smaller side too) still looks at the skills, size, and dangers Thiago Alves possesses and says that was still a pretty impressive manhandling. Even if it wasn’t very exciting.

The big question now is what’s next for Georges St Pierre? He’s officially cleaned out the welterweight division. Guys like Yoshida, Koscheck, and Johnson might be ready to challenge him in 2 years or so but as it stands there’s nothing interesting left for St Pierre to do at 170 pounds for a while.

As hype as a St Pierre / Anderson Silva superfight sounds to us, GSP doesn’t seem so thrilled with the idea. And after Alves used his strength to neutralize a lot of GSP’s standard ground tricks, I start to see why. But while I can understand George’s hesitance (he does have a career and a lot of money on the line) he’s still in a situation where sticking around at welterweight and beating on the unfortunate winner of the Swick / Kampmann fight seems borderline cowardly. Especially when you’ve got a potential opponent in Anderson Silva who’s more than happy to mix it up at two weight classes.

The simple solution is to dip a toe into the 185 waters by fighting one of the many mediocre middleweights the UFC has cluttering up the weight class. Georges St Pierre versus Akiyama would fit the bill – hell, Akiyama looks more like a welterweight anyways – and would even protect Georges from looking too much like a shmuck if he loses. From there he can decide on what he wants to do, since there’s really no rush at all for him to get back to welterweight for a few fights. Unless he thinks a string of highlight finishes against easy prey is gonna keep him in the race for P4P best.