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What’s next for Anderson Silva?

I’ve heard a lot of people voicing support for the idea of benching Anderson Silva until it’s time to face the winner of Bisping / Henderson, but it looks like Dana White is giving Anderson Silva the benefit of the doubt and assuming his last two fights were a result of boredom. Rather than have the Spider sit out, he’s going to figure out a real challenge for him.

“He won the fight and he did what he had to do, so I give him that,” White said Monday. “The guy is so talented, it’s scary. Guys can’t do anything against him. People go to leg kick him and he stops the kicks with his feet. Instead of checking the kicks, he sticks his foot out and stops the kick with his foot. It’s like stuff from ‘The Matrix.’ The guy is incredible.

“My issue is, why not finish him? Where is the killer instinct? We haven’t seen that for a while? Why isn’t he letting his hands and feet go? He got on the ground and was beating the [expletive] out of Thales, but then he stood up and backed off and made it look like Thales was doing something wrong.”

White declined to say what he said when he left his seat during the fight and spoke to Soares at ringside.

“I want to leave it between me and him, but I didn’t yell at him or say anything bad,” White said. “It was more like, ‘What is going on?’ ”

It will be interesting to see who Dana White manages to wrangle up and when. Availability is always an issue but there also seems to be this weird reluctance to stick Anderson in the cage with the UFC’s stars.

I can kinda understand … look at Rich Franklin, one of the UFC’s main men before Anderson came along and wrecked him twice. And no matter how well he does from here on out, his career will largely be defined by those two epic ass whuppings he received from Silva. So it does make sense that the UFC would be hesitant to feed any more of their stars to a guy who may not even sticking around.

My bet: you’ll see Shogun face off against Anderson Silva next. The UFC was ready to write Rua off anyways, so it’s not like he’s deeply enmeshed in the promotion’s plans. Plus, the simplicity of matching up two guys who just fought on the same card makes the choice almost too easy not to go with.