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What’s missing?

Abu Dhabi being Abu Dhabi, there’s no athletic commission. So the UFC had to play the role as they often do when traveling abroad. Usually this all goes fairy smooth, but this time there were a few bumps. Not only was there a controversial decision that resulted in a belt changing hands (followed by one of the glue sniffing judges hired by Zuffa hitting the net to mock fans afterwards), but it looks like someone forgot to tape Anderson Silva’s gloves as well. At least other safety procedures were in place, some perhaps being applied a bit too stringently: Paul Taylor was removed from the card due to a migraine following his weight cut … ‘BULLSHIT’ as far his coach Shawn Tompkins was concerned.

Still, all we need now is for BJ Penn to file a complaint and for someone to get caught juicing and the UFC will have a migraine of it’s own, but without the ability to point the finger at an athletic commission. At least the reffing was up to par – but wouldn’t it have been hilarious in a three stooges kind of way if Dan Miragliotta had shoved Anderson Silva right into a KO punch from Demian Maia?