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What’s happening behind the wall

I’ve been trying to figure out when would be a good time to pimp the star member system for a while now and at this point I think I’ve figured it out – after I post up the weekly member only Happy Hour is a logical time. That way I can fill you in on what’s in that particular episode while I’m askin’ for your moneys.

With Jake gone to Calgary, I invited subo on to go back over the UFC 110 main card and break down all the prelim fights as well. Also discussed: Mirko’s new opponent, Elvis getting pulled, the rise of decisions in the UFC, how a ‘league’ system would work (hint: not the way the IFL runs it), and a bunch of other stuff. Unlike most Happy Hours, this show managed to last an entire hour.

Also in the star member posts this week, we unveiled the next two shirt designs which will be coming out soon and asked for some help putting the finishing touches on one of them. I also posted the general outline for our upcoming book, The Fightlinker Guide to Human Cockfighting, and included a part of the section on Pankration, the ancient Olympic equivalent of mixed martial arts.

Star membership runs you 20 bucks a year and helps keep Fightlinker going since all that fuck shit cunt talk keeps us from making any decent money off advertising networks. What you get for that is an extra podcast every week and extra posts. What kinda posts? At the moment it mainly consists of segments from the Fightlinker book and various behind the scene site stuff. We’re also finalizing things over the next few days so star members pay less for the new shirts.

Can’t afford it or just not interested in paying for a website? No worries, we understand completely and don’t mind at all. We just hope you don’t take it personally that we put some of the site shit up behind a pay wall. Hopefully in the near future once some of the other revenue streams are firing on all cylinders we’ll be able to get off the freemium model. Till then we’ll do our best to give everyone as much awesome MMA crap as possible.