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What’s going on with Strikeforce?

There’s a lot of rumors floating around regarding Strikeforce’s April card right now. Here’s what we know for sure: Dan Henderson and ratings poison Jake Shields will fight for the middleweight belt on the show. And that’s about all we know. Past that, it sounds like the card will happen on April 17th in Tennessee, with some saying Nashville and others saying Memphis. But the biggest news – or non-news since it’s about something NOT happening – is Fedor’s lack of participation in the event.

Sure, he was never officially confirmed for the event, but Scott Coker’s been talking about Fedor vs Werdum since Strikeforce Evolution and even Fedor’s people sound like they’re wondering what the fuck is going on and whether Fedor should be training right now. All this is getting more and more confusing, with Bloody Elbow pointing out that someone from Strikeforce should probably emerge from their black hole and address the situation if just to counter the ‘Strikefarce doesn’t know what they’re doing’ haters.

But the reason they probably haven’t done this is because they really DON’T know what they’re doing. And not in a heads in their asses / they’re so incompetent kind of way. Just in that right now they don’t know if this show is going to end up on CBS or Showtime. Or they know it’s going to be on CBS but they still don’t know if they want Fedor on the card.

The first possibility is interesting because it kinda highlights the problem of working with a TV partner that’s generally not that into you. And since Fedor’s contract is CBS only, that kills the possibility of a fight with Werdum. On the other hand, if CBS has confirmed the event but isn’t interested in a Fedor fight, that points towards another thought: that Fedor’s price tag (estimated at ~2.3 mil per fight) doesn’t justify his ratings and therefore whoever is calling the shots with Strikeforce isn’t all that interested having him fight just for having him fight’s sake anymore. Long story short, if Fedor gets skipped for one of Strikeforce’s big CBS cards, that raises a LOT of questions.

Either way, it’s not exactly the kind of situation Strikeforce can wave a magic wand over and make everyone stop speculating. The best thing for them to do now is get the fucking card done and finalized, so they can at least just answer the real questions that come up instead of having to deal with all the wild speculation as a whole.