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What’s going on in Anderson Silva’s head?

A week and a half has gone by and people are still pissed off about Anderson Silva’s performance at UFC 112. Dana White had that infamous ‘talk’ with Silva and his manager and came out of it saying a repeat goof-off would result in a firing, but has that message gotten through the Spider’s shiny chocolate dome? Recent interviews show Anderson unapologetic, although tucked away under all the “I was honorable, gave a good performance, nothing to apologize for” crap, he did say this:

Q: Did Anderson Silva lose control of the Spider? Does he regret what he did today?

Silva: I wouldn’t say I lost control. From the bottom of my heart, I wouldn’t do it again. Better yet, I would do it differently. I tried to show people and, especially to Demian, that I’m not fooling around. I didn’t get there by chance. I am four times world champion. I have the capacity, conditions, I know who I am. There are a lot of people who talks about [the] fight [game] and don’t know what they say. I didn’t intend to disrespect Demian, I only imposed my game, my strategy and tried to make him frustrated. I respect all fighters.

This is the fun part about quotes – it’s just shit people say. Can we really take this one paragraph and act like it’s the real truth going on in Anderson’s mind versus the pages and pages of material where he acts like UFC 112 was no big thang?

Personally, I’m going to just wait and see what happens next, assume the worst and hope to be pleasantly surprised if Chael Sonnen needs a new nose come August. There’s really no reason for Anderson Silva to fight like a dope again, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s capable of fighting any other way anymore. He seems like a dude who’s done too much acid … he went from having all these interesting insights on the universe (or striking in Anderson’s case) to just being an incomprehensible mess most of the time. Take this explanation of why he couldn’t finish Thales Leites as my proof:

‘Ed, what happened was I was on top of him, raining punches down on him, and one of my punches, he blocked with his elbow. As soon as I hit his elbow, I felt like, ‘Oh, [expletive], I could have broken my hand right there. I’m not going to sit down there and try and punch his face while he blocks me with his arms and elbows. Next thing you know, I take my next punch and I break my hand. Then what?’

If this no danger / no damage obsession is the way he’s thinking all the time now when he fights, it certainly explains why he looked like a headcase against Cote, Leites, and Maia. It’s because he is one, and that’s what’s keeping him from being able to pull the trigger.