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What’s up, fatty?

Surprise surprise! James Toney showed up to the UFC weigh-ins looking like a slovenly pile of shit with his giant ass literally hanging out of his pants. Steve Cofield’s monocle pops out in disbelief, remembering Dana White’s mantra that Toney was ‘in shape’ this time:

What happened to all the hard work? We heard James Toney had gotten himself into shape. You can crow about being in the best condition of your life but the scale doesn’t lie. Toney stepped on stage Friday at the UFC 118 weigh-in and checked in at a ridiculous 237 pounds. That matches his heaviest weight ever as a boxer. It’s 20 pounds heavier than his last boxing match just 11 months ago against Matthew Greer. Keep in mind, Toney spent most of his boxing career between 160-175 pounds. At barely 6-feet tall, 237 pounds is a lot to carry.

Translation: Oh chubby boy, you fat! Too many ding dongs and deep fried pizza for you. If James Toney actually worked out hard for the past three months, then he can thank MMA for than just the rumored 750k – 1mil purse he’ll be getting. He’s probably bought himself another year or two before his heart clogs and he dies on the toilet like Elvis.

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