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What’s an Armenian gotta do to get a title shot???

Here we go again:

Karo Parisyan has confirmed the UFC is currently in negotiations with both Hayato Sakurai and former Olympian Hector Lombard as potential opponents for the 25-year-old welterweight contender at UFC 78 Saturday, Nov. 17 in Newark, N.J.

I think I’ve said this before, but who the fuck does Karo have to beat to get a title shot? This poor bastard was probably told he was next in line to fight Georges for the belt before Georges dropped the ball against Serra. Now a guy Karo beat is holding the belt, and Karo isn’t going to get a crack at that shit until both Matt Hughes and Georges St Pierre get their turns first.

But here’s my issue: they already had their fucking turns. How in the hell does it seem fair that Georges St Pierre will be getting his THIRD title-shot bout before Karo has even gotten one? How is it fair that Matt Hughes only had to beat Chris Lytle in an unimpressive fashion to get a shot at winning his belt back? Yeah, I know … it’s not fair, but that’s life right?

Well, I don’t see why we should be taking this lying down. Hughes vs Serra is already locked for New Years Eve, but there’s still time for the fans to know Karo Parisyan deserves his shot before GSP. If Karo gets the win at UFC 78, he should get the winner of Serra/Hughes. Make Georges St Pierre fight the winner of Sanchez/Fitch for sloppy seconds. And that’s all I have to say about that shit.

  • ACanadianPotHead says:

    Your first post that I disagree with. GSP is an exciting fighter, that has shown he can hang, and beat up the best, including Karo. I agree Karo is a top contender, but he should get the winner of Fitch/Diego, then the winner of that fight winner of GSP and Serra, or Hughes…

  • steve24 says:

    Karo will get the winner of Fitch/Diego considering he beats his opponent in NJ. The winner of Karo vs. Fitch/Diego will get a shot at the title. Unless he wants an 8 month layoff hell need to fight a couple times.

  • This will be his THIRD title shot.
    Karo hasn’t had one yet.

  • Ryan says:

    To be fair, if Karo hadn’t dropped the ball with Dirty, he would have had his title shot by now…

  • Asa says:

    Lemme just say that I’m a huge Karo fan and am irked that he hasn’t gotten a shot yet.

    Karo is an exciting fighter but GSP is exciting, finishes, and isn’t a douchebag when featured on their only worthwhile marketing tool – TUF.

    I love Judo, and think its dope for MMA, but perhaps by developing some viable striking or jiujitsu he could end some fights and get the marks (Dana included) all wet over him again? Clearly the skills he’s developed aren’t gonna take him all the way.

    Another thing he might wanna do is change camps. His attitude on TUF seems like he’s believing his own hype. Maybe if he stopped training in a place where everyone reveres him and moved someplace where he’s just one of the guys and busts his ass all day every day like never before it would help? His game ain’t evolving but he thinks he’s the shit. That battle of the cunts on TUF5 was sad. He’s turning into the Armenian Tito.

    Just what we need: Tito Fucking Parsnippian

  • Georges dropping the ball with Serra was worse than Karo dropping it against Diego. At least with Diego that was fight of the freakin’ year. Not freak upset of the year.
    Trust me when I say if they figured out a way for men to give birth I would be first in line to bear GSP’s babies. But I’m just not a big fan of former champs getting shortlisted back to the belt. Karo has earned a shot several times over, and if there’s one thing to learn from GSP vs Serra is that no matter how good you are, you can still lose from time to time.
    Asa, you got some killer points there … Karo shouldn’t be deciding against competition like Fickett and Burkman. But GSP has had a lot of decisions , and Hughes decisioned Lytle. You can’t look at Parisyan’s shortcomings without putting the same ruler against the other guys.

  • intenso says:

    nobody is worthy to fight Serra anyway.

  • The Truth says:

    “Karo isn’t a douche bag when featured on TUF”???

    You kiding me? That little dude has a napolean complex like no other. He thinks he is the shit and was trying to smack down Nate Diaz for nothing

  • garth says:

    it’s hard to judge someone’s personality based on film snippets and short interviews. the TUF episode was idiotic, sure. but a lot of these guys come off as complete morons on the ultimate fighter. we get a relatively limited view of them through the teevee eye.
    It’s harder, though, to argue with numbers. 3 title shots is a lot of tries. GSP is awesome…but chuck whooped on everyone, til he ran up against rampage ,and he’s basically out of the title picture til next year at the earliest. GSP gets one fight and then a shot? Rich Franklin even had to win two, and that guy has Jesus’ balls resting lightly on his forehead.

  • Asa says:

    TheTruth – are you referring to my comment? Cause I was saying that GSP, unlike Karo, isn’t a douche when he’s been on TUF.

    “GSP is exciting, finishes, and isn’t a douchebag when featured on their only worthwhile marketing tool – TUF.”

  • I can tell you guys that Hayato Sakurai and Hectar Lombard, both former Pride fighters, are equally exciting as Karo and GSP.

    Lombard is a mini Manoef in terms of going for broke (and then gas heavily in the later rounds) and he, like Karo, also uses beautiful judo throws in his mma matches. Just search for a Lombard highlight on YouTube.

    Sakurai on the other hand is the most well rounded fighter ever. He can punish your legs w/ his leg kicks, he is a KO artist, and his ground skills are also great. His only weakness is his glass chin.

  • Xavier says:

    Karo Parysian IS the argument against how the UFC books title fights. He is the only person you need to bring up when attacking how they dole out title fights. I guess he needs to hang out more on the weekend with Dana. Parysian is the reason Hermes Franca did steroids (He saw how Karo never got a title shot after his injury before a title match) and that other fighters will go in there risking a severe aggravation of injury.

    The whole “too many decisions” thing is fucking idiotic too and anyone that types it isn’t a fan of the sport. If that’s the case, let’s get rid of the judges and give fighters a choice of a blunt object when the fourth round starts that way idiots can see knockouts.

    I know I’d pick a toaster and do the cool thing Denis Leary did in Suicide Kings to the drunken incest molester.

  • Luke says:

    “I love Judo, and think its dope for MMA, but perhaps by developing some viable striking or jiujitsu he could end some fights and get the marks (Dana included) all wet over him again? Clearly the skills he’s developed aren’t gonna take him all the way.”

    Huh? What are you talking about?

    Karo’s ground game is nasty. Judo specializes in throws, but part of Judo is also newaza or submissions. Typically judokas aren’t as good as BJJ players once the contest hits the floor, but Karo’s submissions and wrestling are incredible. Karo’s problem isn’t a lack of knowledge of the fight. It’s his decision to fight against some of his strengths. He doesn’t use his full arsenal as perhaps he should, but let me assure you that there are only a handful of guys in the UFC with superior submissions skills.

    Karo’s got nasty kimuras and kneebars. Believe it.

  • ACanadianPotHead says:

    “Georges dropping the ball with Serra was worse than Karo dropping it against Diego. At least with Diego that was fight of the freakin’ year. Not freak upset of the year.”

    Agreed, but cant a young guy make a mistake? Dont you think a guy with the wins and credentials get another shot? He fucked up, Serra fucked him up, I seen it, I hate it. I dont see him losing another fight for quite a while.

    Karo is money, dont get me wrong. I dont see him hanging with the big boys like GSP and Hughes. Besides that, hes top 3 or 4. I think if Fitch wins, he fights Karo, the winner takes GSP, assuming he takes his belt back. Lost of time for of that to happen.

  • Teufel says:

    Karo is one of my favorite fighters, and he’s been pretty much fucked around by the UFC, but… as long as he keeps winning, he’ll eventually get a title shot. Koscheck is (somehow) ranked higher than Karo by both Sherdog and MMA Weekly in the WW division. I think UFC should match those two up, since Koscheck is coming off a loss to the #2 guy and needs to prove he belongs in the top #5 after his poor performance against GSP.

    I’d also like to see GSP fight again before the end of the year, because depending on how Hughes/Serra goes, he may not get his title shot until March/April of next year. GSP vs Karo 2 for the #1 contender spot would be perfect. I like both guys a lot, so I wouldn’t be upset if either guy got the next shot, but… it seems unlikely GSP will fight again until his title shot.

  • fightlinkerReader says:

    I don’t see the controversy with Pierre receiving another title shot:
    – He has already defeated Karo.
    – Ex champions should receive another shot within a few fights after losing the belt (few meaning 0 to 2).
    – Most importantly, he probably the best fighter in the division.

    The “Pierre is getting his 3rd shot” complaint would hold more water if Pierre had lost his prior two shots.

    The UFC’s real mistake is putting the welterweight championship on hiatus for 8 months. The especially problematic given how stacked the division is.

    Karo has been unlucky in several respects:
    – Getting injured when given a title fight
    – Successive change of belt holders (Hughes to Pierre, Pierre to Serra) delays other contenders
    – The title shot hiatus, as mentioned before.

  • Frank says:

    Cool I would like to see Hector Lombard in the UFC. Exciting fighter.

  • ACanadianPotHead says:

    Well said fightlinkerReader…

    The only goood part is that there should be a clear cut number 1 contender after GSP does his thing. Thats the one thing they can do with welterweight in the meantime…

  • Kenny the Swede says:


  • garth says:

    what about the UFC releasing their own fighter rankings, like the ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOBF boxing feds? i could easily see how it could bite them on the ass…imagine if arlovski was automatically ranked #1 contender after what the UFC apparently thought was a boring fight, and they were forced to put him up for the belt? I think he deserves a shot, he and karo are both getting screwed, but still, an “official” ranking would take some of the complaints out of the process. even if people thought it was f’d up, they’d know who was up.

  • garth says:

    i have yet to see a post about carano’s opponent wanting to make out with her. do you picture it as a sensual writhing liplock punctuated by hammerfists?

    makes a guy want to hammerfist himself.

  • Johnny Jabroni says:

    Karo barely beat Serra, and that was years ago. In fact, Karo almost got his ass knocked out in the first round. Don’t give this guy too much credit. Everyone knows the GSP vs. Serra fight was a fluke and GSP deserves an rematch ASAP . The singing Armenian can wait till then. This is a business of entertainment, any way you cut it. People pay to see the fighters they want to see.

  • maafaka says:

    If Karo has to square off with Sakurai…So long for his title shot(s)…

  • Matthew Watt says:

    Jerry Millen, although I like you, I would have to disagree with your assessment that Sakurai is the most rounded fighter ever. Yes, I like Sakurai and think he is a great fighter. Sure, solid stand-up and a decent ground game, but being “well rounded” means you do not have a glass chin. I would take the likes of BJ Penn, GSP, Kid, Fedor and Shogun as more rounded fighters then Sakurai.

    But I am also pretty smashed right now, so read into that.

  • Matthew Watt says:

    oh, because those fighters (outside of GSP getting dummied by Serra, and his only KO ever by the way, even after the shit kicking he took in the BJ fight) have shown better chins then Sakurai.

  • Matthew:

    A good chin is important but it is an innate feature. There are no techniques in which you can improve your chin. You just have to be weary of it and perhaps even your fighting style is dependent on the level of your chin (e.g., Arlovski and Griffin undertaking a much more defense striking tactic in respect to discovering their glass chins, and Gomi’s go for broke striking style in respect to the discovery of his iron chin).

    Even Fedor’s chin, a guy you list as a well-rounded fighter, was stunned quite by Fujita’s punch. Not having an iron chin is something Fedor cannot improve on but his reaction to receiving such punch (e.g., going for a clinch as opposed to back-peddling on instinct) demonstrated that you can only work around your level of chin hardness.

  • Accomando says:

    Fightlinker, have you seen this yet? You may have even been the one who put it up on youtube, but that “Just Bleed Guy” has a youtube video about him, pretty funny.

  • Hey Accomando, yeah we know about the Just Bleed guy – he was identified last week:

    We’re also experimenting with designs for a JUST BLEED t-shirt to go on sale with the launch of the new site:

    But I dunno if we’ve got it right just yet. We’re waiting for more designs to be complete before choosing the first run.

  • Accomando says:

    That kills me that the guy is in jail, why is it not surprising? Too funny, thanks for the link hook up.

    Maybe the shirt needs a white outline of the “Just Bleed Guy”

  • Jason says:

    Hey Johnny Jabroni! Ur so stupid u dumb shit! Karo dominated Serra and for three rounds and gsp got KO by serra in the most emabressing way u dont know anything about the whole mma! Leave urself out sucker!

  • Mike says:

    What is that fuken idiot Johnny talking about! How the fuck would GSP get a title shot when karo DOMINATED serra for three rounds go back and watch the fight again dumb ass! A punch is a punch u dumb ass and serra whoped his ass in the first round! When was the last time u saw karo in a fight like that! He has the best fights and his the most talented fighter out there! Why dont u get ur facts straight before writing lame ass comments that doesn’t make any sense lol!

  • Rob says:

    Hey u fuken idiot GSP LOSTTTTTTTTT SERRA FUKED HIM UP! Karo deserves his shot! My boy deserves his shot! Why the fuck was that a fluke?????? you actually thought that GSP was goig to win all the time????? WHATEVERRRRR He lost period serra won fare and square! Its funny how some people say its a lucky punch cause they dont want to accept the fact that gsp lost cause they like him hahahahahah awwwwwwwwww :((! This is MMA dumb shit the most craziest shit can happen! Open you eyesssssss!

  • Jared says:

    Hey the truth, Why dont u CHANGE you name! Cause what you saying is FALSEEEEEEE! Nate diaz was no INOCIDENT guy his a punk like his bro! Karo got pissed idiot cause he can’t take a fuken joke! He should of asked him nicely not acting like a fuken idiot when the cameras were on he was cool and all of a sudden he starts acting like fuken 2 year old get a lifeeeeeeeee! Karo put him in his place so go fuck yourself!