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What you missed from the TUF prelims

Those of you who use Facebook to set up outings with friends instead of watching 3 hours of prelims every weekend are missing out on the next generation of UFC superstars on their way up. Okay, that may not be true in the case of the TUF 14 finale prelims but there was still some action worth noting, and we’ve got the breakdown for you.

Bryan Caraway looked tentative and flat footed at the start of his fight with Dustin Neace but pulled things together and used his monkey like ability to hold onto his opponent’s back to lock in a rear naked choke. An okay performance but it’ll take more than that for Bryan to become something more than Mister Miesha Tate.

Roland Delorme sucks on the feet but fortunately has the jitz on the ground to make up for it. He nearly tapped Josh Ferguson in the first with a triangle and then took advantage of a quick knockdown to take his opponent’s back and choke him out in the 3rd. Check out the technique – catching the arm under his legs. With this loss Josh Ferguson is now barred from wearing his straw cowboy hat by the Council of Tough Guy Hicks.

John Albert was the only guy on the prelims who’s fight made it onto the televised portion of the card, and it was because he managed to starch Dustin Pague in just over a minute with the vastly underutilized gift wrap. Christmas comes twice for you, motherfucker!

Keep an out out for: John Albert, who looked pretty good across the season, even when he lost to eventual 135lb winner Dodson. I’m a sucker for submission fighters who make every exchange on the ground count, which is why I’ll be interested in seeing how Roland Delorme looks in his next fight.