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What would Danzig eat?

Move over Luke Cummo, you’re not the only one in the MMA scene who’s all about stupid eating habits. At The MMA Digest (pun intended, I wonder?), they spend a good portion (ha) of their time stewing (ha ha!) over the nutritional habits of their favorite fighters. Recent articles include interviews with Team Quest’s nutritionist, vegetarian Jake Shields, and hardcore vegan Mac Danzig. Check out Danzig’s crazy eating habits:

Thus on a typical day when training, Danzig will have The Ultimate Meal twice a day as a shake with banana, apple and water mixed in it. For carbohydrates purposes, a great deal of brown rice is consumed by Danzig throughout the day. One of his meals is brown rice with either tofu or some sort of vegetable, usually peas and corn. Another meal is often based around vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and some tofu. During times when Danzig is feeling a bit worn down from training, he will continue consuming greater amounts of complex carbohydrates in the form of brown rice.

Jesus H Christ … that sounds like the kind of shit you get fed in a Vietnamese prison camp. No wonder Mac Danzig is 155 pounds … I’m amazed he’s still alive. I would literally slit my wrists after three days of this diet. Of course, I can barely go more than 4 hours without ingesting a bucket of KFC marinated in mayonnaise. Mmmm … mayonnaise. Where’s my straw?

  • DJ Hapa says:

    I never trusted Vegetarians. There is usually a bunch of pent up anger and stress in them that a meat diet would relieve. They look and act all mellow and granola but are really plotting stuff against you. So remember: Make the world a better place; punch a vegietarian in the face.

  • Jerry Millen says:

    I enjoy your highly unique approach to mma–there is no other mma sites that is as funny as yours. Your site is among my top of the crop bookmarks, which includes: Fightlinker, ufcjunkie, fightopinion, and sherdog. I hope your site will never die.
    -from a fan

  • intenso says:

    that’s not NEARLY as crazy as what Cummo is eating. Cummo won’t even eat rice.

  • matt says:

    Give it to macy, he’ll eat anything.

  • Paul S. says:

    Silly Mac Danzig.

    Doesn’t he know that eating Rice is like shooting up heroine?

    Luke Cummo’s doctor says so.

  • dougtown says:

    I think the author of this article is a moron. He talks about how he is amazed that Mac is still alive yet he says he can’t go more than 4 hours without devouring a bucket of KFC. Mac’s diet is obviously more healthy than his. MMA athletes need to be in top physical condition so there obviously isn’t anything unhealthy about a vegan diet.

  • Ted Nugent says:

    Hey DJ,
    its funny – i feel the same way about meat eaters. i don’t trust the cowardly bastards. so to make the world a better place, go kick the rotten teeth in of a meat eater. have a good one!