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What went down this weekend

It’s Victoria Day today in Canada City which means it’s still technically the weekend here, but I figure now is as good a time as any to go over all the wacky MMA action that happened over Saturday and Sunday.

Referee almost kills Dan Severn
It’s a good thing the guy he was fighting decided to stop punching Dan Severn in the face because the ref didn’t seem like he was interested in ending the fight. This was supposed to be Dan’s 100th MMA win – which he’s accrued via fighting .500 and green opponents, but whatever … the dude is 52 – but someone didn’t tell Ryan “The Vanilla Gorilla” Fortin (yes, really) that he was supposed to lose.

Ninja Rua retires
It must be hard watching your little brother living the dream in the UFC, competing for the belt, and getting paid lots of money. Especially when you are currently losing fights in local promotions. A two loss skid in Nova Scotia and now Britain was enough to make Ninja declare his retirement this weekend at the ripe age of 31. That might seem young, but word is his brain might be a little scrambled from all the punishment he’s taken, so perhaps this isn’t a bad thing. If I had a nickel for all the times an MMA fighter decided to retire gracefully, I’d have around 30 cents, so good for Ninja for making it 0.35

Mariusz Pudzianowski blows his pud again
Yeah, James Thompson is a can, but as we learned from his Kimbo fight, cans compete quite well against jokes. The Pudz once again gassed out by the end of the first round and James Thompson landed his first submission since 2003, an arm triangle choke. Yep, it was Carwin / Lesnar all over again … in Poland!

Matt Lindland goes to sleep
Perhaps it should have been Matt announcing his retirement this weekend … he’s 1-4 since 2009. At least the people he’s losing to are no joke, but getting taken out in 1:35 is never good. It’s also starting to get creepy watching Matt Lindland flip out after regaining consciousness and struggling with the ref.

After the jump: Ninja Rua vs Tom Watson, Matt Lindland vs Mamed Khalidov, and Mariusz Pudz vs James Thompson.

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  • Night Rider says:

    Just wanted to make a correction…. That isn’t Ryan Fortin “the vanilla Gorilla”, It’s actually Lee “The Beast” Beane. He trains out of the gym I train at Bishop’s in west bridgewater. He is a really good wrestler and was on his way up to the ufc until he was upset by now ufc employee Christian Moorecraft.

    I have to say two things, One great job by Beane he had a good gameplan and followed through well right down to the right hand that dropped Dan, and two even better job having the compassion/sense to do the referees job and stop the beating. Seriously scary when you think how shitty a job that ref did there and again great job by Lee to stop when he did. 


  • CAP says:

    Lindland looked like shit usual.  LOL at Pud he couldn’t even lift his arms in round 2, go back to picking up rocks.

  • Letibleu says:

    HA HA HA.

    At 4:05 it kinda looks like Thompson gets knocked out and then gets punched back into consciousness (he is defending himself and then his arms drop completely limp). At 4:35 of the video Thompson literally crawls his way into mount as if he asked permission first.

  • CAP says:

    Yeah I saw that and thought he was just taking punches because they didn’t hurt but the replay showed otherwise.

  • Sodomize Intolerance says:

    I guess it’s lucky for James “How do I do this arm-choke thingy again?” Thompson that massively muscled shoulders are awesome for cutting off your own arteries.