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What we learned: Even when he wins, Brandon Vera loses

Another event, another questionable decision. Those who feel that ass-kickery is the preeminent factor in judging gave the fight to Brandon Vera, who did indeed have about 17 – 22 seconds worth of impressive striking across the fight that clearly fucked Couture up. Others gave the fight to Randy Couture for holding Brandon against the cage for the other fourteen minutes and thirty seconds. Me? I gave the fight to Vera, but was happy to see him lose because, well, fuck Brandon Vera.

It’s interesting to see how every wonky decision gives us all more insight into the shortcomings of the MMA judging system. Here’s what we learned last night: extended humping against the cage can overshadow occasional whuppings, that the 10-point must system is about as accurate as a bazooka shark catapult when it comes to picking the winner of close fights, and those close fights are only robberies when I hate the guy who benefited.