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What the rules say about greasing

Here’s the only rule on Nevada’s books related to greasing in MMA:

NAC 467.598: The excessive use of grease or any other foreign substance may not be used on the face or body of an unarmed combatant.   The referees or the commission’s representative in charge shall cause any excessive grease of foreign substance to be removed.

Considering how much being lubed up changes the game in MMA, I think it’s pretty clear that we need to overhaul greasing rules. Regardless of what you think of the GSP situation, the lack of rules and regulations controlling who has access and how much is too much is pretty amazing. And this isn’t the only rule in MMA that’s pathetically laid out:

However, the real issue is that vaseline should no longer be allowed to be used by anyone besides cut men.   Further, the rules on it need to be made clear, because “excessive” is a meaningless term that means more than zero and less than globs.   MMA is plagued by all sorts of vague rules on scoring, shots to the back of the head, fence grabbing, and now vaseline.   Clearly we need more well-defined rules.

Downward elbows also seems to be a rule that many referees don’t understand, and the Rich Franklin situation at UFC 93 proved that the rules regarding eyepokes are crap as well. Have you noticed a trend here? All these situations are unique to MMA … since the rules were set up by boxing commissions and based mainly on existing boxing and kickboxing rules, it’s no surprise that many scenarios that play out in MMA fall between the cracks.

I’m always weary when commissions open the books and attempt to make rule changes. More often than not it results in abominations like the failed Unified Rules update from last year. But it wouldn’t be difficult to seal up this greasing loophole … take the shit away from the corner and give it to the cutmen only. In a sport where even a slight residue of Vaseline can shade the results of a huge fight, it’s a simple solution that protects everyone from the fighter wondering why everything is so slippery to the guy who’s being accused of greasing up.