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What the hell are the managers up to?

Michael Rome bitchslaps fighter management for letting their clients languish in contract hell alongside ProElite for 77 days:

The real victims here, as usual, are the fighters.   They have now gone almost 3 months without the promise of any income, and the UFC won’t touch them because of their uncertain contractual status.   There are a lot of villains in this situation, but fighter management has been shown yet again to be almost completely useless.

It’s hard to imagine agents in any other field letting this happen to their clients.   Monte Cox, Ken Pavia, and whoever else manages these fighters need to come together and file a joint action for declaratory relief in California.   It will force Pro Elite to either put up or shut up about their future as a company instead of stringing these fighters along with false promises in order to maintain their only valuable asset for a potential sale.

Other websites have basically dropped this story … I guess without that “No presents for Christmas” line they were using last month, the little violin isn’t sad enough to justify another article. And Rome is right: at this point it’s time the managers spined up and did something about the situation. Waiting around and hoping for the best as far as ProElite’s chances of a sale go is NOT a good idea for anyone wanting to fight before June.