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What the fuck was that?

Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote has to be one of the strangest fights I’ve ever seen. Cote took Anderson Silva to the third round, if you can call that ‘taking’ someone anywhere. It was more like Anderson was was like “Okay, how about we go to the third?” He looked like he was showboating throughout the first two rounds, dancing and waving his hands around like a fool. Whenever he actually left DDR mode and went into … ya know … FIGHT MODE, he was pounding on Cote. But he spent like 30 seconds doing that.

In the end, some leg kicks and an old injury combined to result in Patrick Cote dropping to the ground in pain as his knee or calf muscle popped or something happened. Whatever specific muscle let Cote down, it resulted in the fight being stopped and Chicago performing the world’s longest boo session.

Afterwards, Anderson Silva was talking about how he was trying to put on an ‘entertaining fight’. Please dear Jesus don’t ever do that again. Entertaining for us is an A-Bomb ass kicking. Anderson looked more like a showboating boxer than a serious MMA fighter. We’re kinda lucky nowadays that ESPN et al aren’t reporting on the sport consistently, because this was a pretty embarrassing way for this event to end.