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What Randy showed Brock

(“While technically sloppy, I will admit your ground and pound isn’t bad from this perspective.”)

Last week Randy Couture spent some sweaty time at Brock Lesnar’s Gym of Solitude out in the Minnesota countryside. We considered several possible reasons for this: perhaps it was to give Brock one of his famous Randy-style gameplans? Share how to cope with old man bowel? Secret divorce tips from Captain America? But the truth is much more interesting: Lesnar brought Couture in to tell him how he sucks.

“He taught me a lot of things,” Lesnar said. “There are a lot of tricks of the trade he passed along. He came in and said, ‘These are the things you do great,’ and ‘These are the things you can do better at.’ When Randy Couture comes into your gym, you have to raise the intensity level. I got to take my hat off to the guy. I was very impressed with him. At the end of the day, we complement each other and degrade each other. The biggest compliment is honesty. I know what I am good at. Tell me what I am not good at.”

Unfortunately for Brock, the key to this fight largely lies in his ability to eat a Shane Carwin punch directly to the face. There’s not a heck of a lot of training or preparation that will help ready him for that make or break moment, even if it’s with Randy Couture. The opportunity to rub Randy’s shiny pate for good luck is always nice, though.