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What Overeem thinks

Yesterday M-1 Global announced that they were suddenly eager and excited to face off against Alistair Overeem in Strikeforce by the end of the year … a rather big departure from last week’s line that Fedor was hunting a New Years fight abroad and would fight no one in Strikeforce but Fabricio Werdum. Many people wondered what happened between those two statements that changed the company’s position so much. Alistair Overeem’s manager has an theory: it’s standard M-1 bullshit.

According to Boon, M-1 Global has no intentions of putting together an Alistair Overeem vs. Fedor Emelianenko bout according to their timeline of “late November or early December.” M-1 Global is currently putting together a fight against Josh Barnett at Dynamite!! 2010 at the end of December, according to Boon, and this seems like a desperation move by M-1 Global management now that their negotiation tactics of the past (stalling, demanding more money, threatening lawsuits, etc.) have been exposed and cannot hold up. So it seems that calling out Overeem for a fight in Strikeforce was a negotiation tactic to help grease the wheels on the possible Barnett fight.

Welcome to another round of as the Fedor turns. Meanwhile, Overeem has decided he’s not crossing his fingers and hoping the fight work out. Instead he’s going to finish the year with the K-1 World Grand Prix:

Emelianenko has now said that he would like to fight you by the end of the year. Is that possible at this point?
No, unfortunately not. The reason is because if I enter the Final 16 and win, I will fight the K-1 Final in December. My decision was made because nothing was certain and Strikeforce and M-1 didn’t act fast enough when I made my decision to start K-1 training. Now I read on the internet that Fedor and his management want to fight me all of sudden. Do they really need two months of thinking and negotiating? I think it’s a little strange to be honest. If Fedor challenged me right after the fight it would have been something to take in consideration, but the M-1 management started to say that all the polls on several websites stated that people rather have a Fedor vs. Werdum rematch then a fight against me. There we have another lie by M-1 because every poll I have read stated the opposite and showed that everybody want to see Fedor versus me. Check their current poll at their own Web site (laughs).

On the plus side, even if Fedor’s calling out of Overeem is complete bull, we might still get Fedor vs Barnett. Which is a really exciting fight! From 2006.