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What Jeremy Stephens is accused of doing

A lot of people stuck it to Dana White for being all cavalier about trying to bust Jeremy Stephens out of jail to fight at UFC on FX 5. Why would he act so flippant about a guy being arrested for assault? What happens if details of the assault come out and you’ve spent the entire weekend defending a scumbag? Well, ‘if’ no more! Here’s the details on exactly what Stephens is accused of doing and it’s pretty bad:

According to a police report obtained by (, the alleged assault took place late at night outside Fat Tony’s bar in Des Moines. The wife of the victim says Stephens punched him after he was removed from the bar. The victim then leaned against the building and was punched in the head and face by Stephens’ associate Dustin Bachman, the report said.

The victim’s wife helped him into their car and was attempting to lock the doors when Bachman pulled him out of the vehicle by his feet, and Bachman and Stephens punched and kicked him in the head for approximately a minute, according to the report. She attempted to protect him after he was knocked unconscious and also was hit in her right arm, which caused swelling and bruising, the report said.

A supplemental police report states Bachman and Stephens then fled the scene as the victim lay on the ground. The victim temporarily stopped breathing before being driven to a local hospital, where he again stopped breathing and was intubated.

The victim was last reported to be in critical but stable condition with visible bruising and swelling on his face.

Insane, but keep in mind Stephens’ camp claims he wasn’t involved and also told Dana White Jeremy’s name only came up as part of a cash grab by the victims. There’s also a lot of internet chatter from people claiming to be at the bar that night who vouch that Jeremy was inside during the incident. Alas, this is nothing but unverified internet chatter. Who knows if these people are who they claim to be? Even if they really were at the bar, how reliable are their statements? What, you’re saying the cage fighter everyone likes was witnessed in the bar at the same time this guy got his face stomped in? Well case closed then.

These are some pretty serious charges. Jeremy Stephens is being accused of punching and kicking a dude nearly to death. Good for Dana White standing by his fighter I guess but maybe getting arrested over something as serious as this should be grounds for a fight postponement.