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What happens when you try to get fancy

  • TheDookyDictator says:

    Thats definitely where Chael brazilian yoghurted the bed.

    Chael’s best skills and performances have been sticking to the meat and potatoes,
    he’s not the type of fighter to pull that off.

    And the LAST person he would be able to pull that off on is flamderson.

    Very stupid.
    He should have played it safe and just lawyerballed to a decision.

  • MadMan says:

    In their first fight Anderson endured Chael for 4 1/2 rounds then pulled off a slick do-or-die submission. This time Chael tripped himself trying a spinning some-shit, then turtled up & quit after getting hit with 2 or 3 shots…VIVA BRASILIA!

  • X says:

    Ya, seeing it again makes me come to the conclusion that Chael threw this fight, he got paid off by someone (not out of the realm of possibility with the convicted felon Chael).  That spinning backfist had ZERO chance to land and sonnen knew it.  Then he just falls down, too funny.  After the fight is called sonnen is walking around like he wasn’t hurt at all.  You take all that with the fact that Sonnen raped Anderson in round 1, so you think, this is just like how the first fight went.  I don’t know, this was the first fight in the UFC where I was left thinking some 3rd party definitely directly influenced the outcome of the fight.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I think that right anchor punch started the whole thing, really.  That’s the point where his arms start flailing and then comes the backfist attempt.

  • agentsmith says:

    Haha, I love how people always throw out payoff conspiracies when someone loses in an unexpected way.

    And FYI, Chael didn’t just fall down, he tripped over Silva’s foot.