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What happens when you lose trust

Nothing sinks an event faster than the stink of failure. Take a look at all those clubs out in la-la land … they’re all about creating the vibe that the people going to them are special and successful and all that shit. Affliction has piggy backed off that concept to a degree, sponsoring famous people to wear their wares.

So they understand very well that the rumors of selling less than 2000 tickets are liable to poison their ability to effectively market their event. So here’s vice-president Tom Atencio to deny them:

Writing on – also known as the Underground forum – Atencio said he had “no idea where this information is coming from, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth”.

“In reality we are opening up more seating to accommodate the demand for tickets,” he wrote. “This event is stacked from top to bottom, and I personally can’t wait to see every fight.”

However, according to the Ticketmaster website there are blocks of tickets available in every section from $1000 floor seats to the $100 tier.

Unfortunately, Tom blew his ability to be trusted when he misrepresented the GIlbert Yvel situation. So where before I’d have said “Okay, we take you at your word,” I’m stuck saying “Bullshit, motherfucker. Bullshit.”