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What happened to Evan Tanner

Sports Illustrated has a three page article on Evan Tanner that’s definitely worth reading:

Tanner reached Clapp Spring, where bighorn sheep and wild burros once went to drink in the shade of California fan palms, but he found it empty. The main pool had dried up to the size of a napkin, two inches deep and filled with slime.

On his iPhone, he called and texted a friend and said that he’d wait until nightfall to return to his shelter. If no one heard from him the next morning, the friend should alert the authorities.

That night, out of water on the hike back from Clapp Spring, Tanner squatted to rest in a ravine barely wide enough for his 6-foot frame. In heat that still exceeded 90 °, he collapsed on his side beneath the waxing harvest moon. He was in peak physical condition, 200 pounds of well-defined muscle, only months removed from his last UFC bout. But in fight terms, Tanner versus the Colorado Desert was a brutal mismatch. By the early morning of Sept. 5, a little more than a mile from his campsite, he was dead from heat exposure. He was 37 years old.

When everything happened with Evan, it seemed like everyone was reporting the news as it came and a lot of misconceptions developed out of the confusion. Now that the dust has settled, I’d say this is a great article that sums things up and really gives people an understanding of what happened and why.