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What fighting GSP looks like

As impressed as I was by Georges St Pierre’s performance (heh) on Saturday night, I couldn’t help but be a bit dissapointed that he didn’t manage to finish Fitch off. He came close several times … like really really close. But each time Fitch would survive, and I dunno if that’s just Fitch proving that he’s a tough sonuva bitch or GSP showing that he has a problem finishing guys.

Lots of people are debating GSP vs Anderson Silva on the pound for pound list at the moment. While Anderson Silva is wrecking opponents left and right, pundits point to GSP’s domination in a much deeper weightclass as reasoning for him holding a higher spot. Me? I think Anderson Silva is up higher because he DESTROYS people. Not in a five round beating way like GSP. But in a ‘Hey what happened why am I at the hospital’ kinda way.