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What DREAM will do for some ratings

Today is dreary promotion news day, where I catch up on all the news that was just too depressing to deal with over the course of the week. Now that we’ve taken care of Affliction with it’s Fedor problems (Fedor problems? Never!), lets move on to DREAM’s problems: their ratings aren’t hot. I’d tell you if they were cold or lukewarm but I don’t really understand Japanese TV ratings, so all I can really say with some certainty is that neither DREAM’s TV station nor DREAM’s executives are pleased with how things are going. From Gryphon, who probably conveys the meaning of Japanese articles better than Suki despite being 1000 times worse at English (or 1000 times BETTER at Engrish):

TANIAGWA Sadaharu FEG producer said”DREAM.5’s TV rating is only 10%.We can not said it is cuccess.If We can not grow up,DREAM TV show is finish in September……”

If DREAM TV on air is end,DREAM7s damage is very serious.

All this is confirmed by the Mighty Breen, lord of Japanese news:

Ratings are particularly crucial, as FEG’ did away with Hero’s in favor of Dream in an attempt to rejuvenate their MMA product on television. Although FEG planned seven events, New Year’s Eve not included, for 2008, their deal with TBS included only four primetime telecasts. Tanigawa’s comments now place paramount importance on Dream’s next primetime TBS broadcast for their Sept. 23 middleweight grand prix finale at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

This might explain why DREAM is considering taking it’s two top ratings draws and throwing them together into one supermatch. This would be all kool and the gang if those top draws weren’t middleweight Akiyama and heavyweight Mirko CroCop. You can’t really talk Akiyama without bringing up the fact that he’s pretty hated in Japan, partly for good reasons and partly because the Japanese just hate Koreans. So setting him up to get killed against a much bigger opponent is a bit … hmmm. What’s the word. Controversial?

But why go for gangbuster ratings over one fight when you can spread your draw across two fights? Mirko drew mad ratings fighting some nobody, and Akiyama pulled in great numbers against a pro wrestler. So why not just let CroCop fight Overeem as originally planned and let Akiyama fight Tamura, who’s been talking shit about Akiyama for months now anyways. That way I can enjoy the event without feeling like I’m watching some kind of hate crime going down.