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What do Fedor, Josh, and Matt have in common?

Hey, did you know that “Affliction: Banned official salaries: payroll tops $3.3 million”??? Yup, the ‘disclosed’ payroll hit $3,332,100, and I put those little dippy line thingies (quotations? I ain’t looking up shit that ain’t on MMA Junkie today) around ‘disclosed’ because you better believe there are guys getting more money under the table.

Here’s some of the higher end fighters in order from most paid to least:

  • Tim Sylvia : 800k
  • Andrei Arlovski: 750k (500k + 250k win)
  • Fedor Emelianenko: 300k (no win bonus)
  • Josh Barnett: 300k (no win bonus)
  • Matt Lindland: 300k (225k + 75k win)
  • Ben Rothwell: 250k
  • Vitor Belfort: 140k (70k + 70k win)
  • Babalu Sobral: 90k (50k + 30k win)
  • Paul Buentello: 80k (60k + 20k win)
  • Pedro Rizzo: 70k

The good news is that Affliction can easily cut their lineup costs in half for future shows by dropping Tim Sylvia, Ben Rothwell, Matt Lindland, Paul Buentello, and Pedro Rizzo. All together those guys cost 1.5 million bucks. Sure, they all played a roll in the inaugural Affliction event, but I don’t see anyone crying if they don’t make it onto a future card.

Past that, who knows how much Affliction REALLY paid Fedor and Josh Barnett. It might not matter to the bottom line of Affliction’s events at all … they might have just played creative with the books and written off the extra hundreds of thousands of dollars via the t-shirt business as a sponsorship.