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What can Strikeforce do for better ratings?

I railed on the Strikeforce brawl because it potentially endangered the promotion’s CBS deal. But did CBS really give a shit about the brawl? More and more signs point to no. First off, they have the whole thing available as a video on And here’s what ‘in the know’ type guy Dave Meltzer had to say about the situation, and of course it’s the ratings which are the real problem:

There are signs that are positive that they’ll probably do another show in the fall. You know one of the things that you know was brought up to me was that you know realistically in another day or two, no one’s going to talk about that brawl again and certainly by Saturday you know it’ll be a dead subject.

Now the rating, you know, again, the rating was more important thing than the brawl and the rating wasn’t good, but it’s also the learning thing in the sense that we know that with the right match, we can do a good demo play with MMA. We also now know for sure that with you know that Dan Henderson is not the right and Jake Shields was not the right match and that unless we have the right match, you really don’t want to do this show. You can’t just do the show and go like, ‘We got this card with all these guys that are like ranked and this and that or this match is you look on paper and go on paper we got a good show so we’ll have exciting fights and people will tune in.’ It’s not that. There’s no, all you got is star power and the problem of course with Strikeforce is there’s not a lot of that star power there.

He goes on to list Strikeforce’s only remaining aces: Fedor (who’s being difficult), Gina (who’s gone Hollywood), and Herschel Walker (who says he’s got one more fight in him). Other than that, they have no one they can call who can pull a better rating than the godawful one they got for this last show. It’s a pretty grim situation and I have to imagine it causes Scott Coker to spend many a sleepless night eating out of a large tub of ice cream wondering whaaaat theeee fuuuuuck he’s gonna do next. If those crazy Russians don’t get sorted out in time, Herschel Walker vs Jose Canseco might start looking pretty tempting…