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What can Brown do to Faber?

First, I’d like to apologize for the terrible UPS related pun above. It’s so bad it’s good, and I couldn’t help myself. I am a weak, weak man. Secondly, I’d like to point you towards this article by Sam Caplan where he breaks down just who the fuck this Mike Brown dude is that’s fighting Urijah Faber tonight.

Brown trains out of American Top Team and is a seven year veteran of the sport. After entering MMA with a great ground game, he has evolved over the years into a tremendous all-around fighter with no glaring weak areas. To describe his fighting style as anything other than a mixed martial artist at this stage of his career is a difficult task.

He’s fought all over the world against top lighter weight fighters such as Masakazu Imanari, Renato Tavares, Joe Lauzon, Genki Sudo, Hermes Franca, and Mark Hominick. Despite being heavily tested throughout his career, it was Brown’s unanimous decision victory over Yves Edwards — considered an upset at the time — during BodogFIGHT’s “Clash of the Nations” event in December of 2006 that really allowed him to increase his profile.

While the win over Edwards helped his cause, Brown has flown primarily under the radar despite being awarded a shot against Faber thanks in large part to a seven fight win streak. Even the WEC, which has done a great job marketing most of its talent, has dropped the ball with Brown. Debuting for the promotion at WEC 34 in Sacramento this past June, Brown recorded a unanimous decision victory over Jeff Curran.

So it turns out that he’s NOT a scrub … he’s just a scrub compared to Urijah Faber, which is unfortunately the story of the featherweight division up until now.

Personally, I’m not holding my breath for Brown to pull off the win tonight. I’ve just got my fingers crossed that he gives Faber a decent amount of hell a la the Condit/Miura fight. After reading the above article I’m pretty certain that he won’t be easy to dispose of. Falling back on a bit of retarded optimist MMA math, it took Faber nearly two full rounds to finish off Jeff Curran, so since Brown beat Curran perhaps we’ll get to see three rounds worth of awesome-o scrapping? Here’s hoping.