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Bellator junk

We haven’t been paying much attention to what’s up with Bellator Fighting Championships, the promotion that landed a slot on ESPN’s bastard spanish channel earlier this month. Honestly, why should I care about some small fry promotion on an alt-language station? There’s already tons of sub-par MMA on many other specialty channels we don’t cover, so adding Bellator to the pile wasn’t a hard decision.

Still, we try to make this site a general MMA blog, not a “What Ryan gives a shit about and nothing else” blog, so I thought with all the attention being paid to Bellator, what’s a post or two during this barren stretch of MMA news?

Long story short, Bellator came out saying they were gonna do a reality show but now it looks like they’re trying to sell it as more of a weekly special event. Taped or live, I dunno although I’m betting it’ll be taped, which is boo-urns. Word on the street is they’re going after guys like Wilson Reis, Eddie Alvarez, and even Paulo Filho. But who knows if that’s just feelers and talk rather than real action. They wouldn’t be the first promotion to talk big but fail to deliver.

I’ve heard some chatter as well that Bellator is already filming something in Costa Rica and former BodogFight rocket scientist Miguel Iturrate is involved somehow. This would obviously be a big red flag but it doesn’t fit in with anything anyone else is reporting. I know most people like to report confirmed stuff but I’d rather just be lazy and say “Hey I heard this” and maybe one of you responsible MMA journalists can look into it? I have a hard enough time getting the spelling in my posts right, let alone the facts.