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What Anderson Silva really said

For those of you who don’t really trust Anderson Silva’s manager Ed Soares to translate the potentially dickish things Anderson said at the post event press conference with perfect accuracy, here’s a Bloody Elbow fanpost comparing Silva’s words to Soares’ words. There’s a slight lowering of the cunt level, but I think that’s just the standard kind of thing that gets lost in translation when trying to do live translation with a room full of pissed off people glaring at you.

Q: Anderson, can you explain your actions tonight again, we’re in the same situation we were before. do you think that people that paid a thousand dollars got their money’s worth from what you did?

Silva: you don’t think so? ok, unfortunately I’m not here to please everyone, I am here to do my work and my work was well executed. I got here respecting everyone, I fight respecting everyone, and Demian disrespected me. Not as a professional, but as an athlete of martial arts. I take these things seriously, I take these things very, very seriously. I didn’t get here [to where I am today] by chance. He came to do his work and I came to do mine. I did what I trained to do; to beat Demian.

Ed Translates: he says well, unfortunately not every fight turns out the way everyone would like, I came here well trained but Demian disrespected me, not as a person, but he disrespected me as a fighter, and I take that very seriously and I came to do my job, and that was to beat him up and punish him and that’s exactly what I did. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out and everyone wasn’t pleased, but that’s what I came here to do is punish him.

Q: The thing I don’t understand is that if you’re saying you’re angry at him, and you’re fighting him, why won’t you throw punches at him instead of circling around, and you know, banging the canvas, if you’re mad at him and you think he disrespected you, why don’t you fight him and throw punches and kicks at him?

Silva: I did what I had to do, I am not here to make any type of excuses for anything nor to ask forgiveness for anything. I did what I had to do. My job was well executed. My mission was given, my mission was accomplished.

Ed Translates: the way I feel, my mission was completed, I came in and dominated the fight and, hum, did what I had to do… hum, you know, that’s how I feel.

It’s fascinating to read all of Silva’s comments and try to understand his logic. At one point he says Demian Maia ‘disrespected’ him but only offered up some vague shit about Brazilians vs Brazilians and Demian claiming BJJ superiority (something Silva later agrees with, saying ‘Demian’s BJJ is the best in the UFC’). Overall, this shit doesn’t make a bit of sense.