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“what am I supposed to do? Wait and let someone crack me first?”

(the scene of destruction – porn stars and agents laid out everywhere)

More details on War Machine’s flip-out at a porno industry party:

According to Adult FYI, the incidents occurred at a party thrown for Brooke Haven at the Ultimate Porn Studios. War Machine began haranguing his agent and then allegedly slapped his girlfriend when she intervened (this has since been denied by the girl in question), according to one attendee.

“Apparently War Machine wasn’t too happy, claiming that Derek Hay wasn’t getting him enough work as far as he was concerned. What happened next was speculative. Either War Machine socked a girl or was accused of doing it. Either way he snapped and began doing an Octagon dance and waving his fists. One guy was clocked and had three teeth knocked out. Another guy-  an Asian – had his nose broken,” the source recounted.

“Then War Machine came after Derek and knocked him down. Alec Knight was also hit and went down, his head striking the pavement. It seemed that every time someone tried to advise War Machine to mellow out or tried to talk sense to him, they got hit for their efforts. Maybe six guys in all got punched. War Machine was relentless as the crowd kept a distance.”

“The incident wound up with War Machine and Derek playing hide and seek with one another around a dumpster, then at some point, both War Machine and Derek took off when someone threatened to call the cops.”

In his defense, War Machine has tweeted:

“Ya’ll can say what you want but when you got 5 guys drunk and in your face pissed about some BS that ain’t even true what am I supposed to do? Wait and let someone crack me first? lol..I think not. Fuck all you fucks,”

Well, considering he’s a professional fighter, that would probably only be fair. It would also change the situation from “Douchebag freaks out and mauls porn people” to “Man defends himself from attack”, two very different things in the eyes of the law. Speaking of the law, despite another tweet implying the police would have to chase him down, War Machine’s twitter implies he’s turned himself in and is already out on bail. Anyone wanna guess if this gets crazier or if that was the peak?