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What about Baby Jay?

With everyone being so busy pretending that Carlos Condit fighting GSP will be just as good if not better than that totally whatevs Diaz fight, not a lot of thought has been given to poor BJ Penn, Condit’s former opponent. Dana White promised he’d sort something out, and even went so far as to say he’s got something ‘crazy’ in mind. What exactly could that be???

One option would be Jon Fitch, who’s people let it be known that he was willing and able to fight either BJ or Nick Diaz. But while that certainly is crazy, it’s more crazy in a ‘burning a big pile of money’ crazy rather than ‘woohoo awesome fight’ crazy. But who the hell else is there? The rest of the welterweight division is booked up, so barring some more card cannibalism there aren’t many other options.

One solution might actually be Nick Diaz himself, as ‘crazy’ as that sounds. The UFC might be planning on holding onto Nick just to screw him over and keep him out of other fight promotions. But if they don’t do that, then why not swap him in against BJ? Of course, it might not be that easy trying to sell that fight to BJ after you’ve just pushed the view that Nick can’t be relied upon to show up for the fight.