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What a terrible way to end an awesome career

I found out who won the Mirko Crocop / Junior Dos Santos fight before I even got to see it – this fucking happens every time I don’t watch a show live and I consider it punishment from the MMA Gods for trying to have even the barest excuse for a life. In this case I had stayed off Twitter, Facebook, Fightlinker, chat … everything! But I stupidly checked my email on Sunday morning and saw this: “CroCop Saying Goodbye”

I immediately hissed like a vampire exposed to a garlic and shut down my computer, but it was too late. Not only did I learn that Crocop had lost, but I got the unsettling feeling that he had lost so badly that he was going to retire. Knowing this and watching the fight, I was pretty confused. Yeah, Crocop looked meh and older than dirt, but he was holding his own against Dos Santos in the first round. And then … the finish. The goddamn motherfucking finish.

It’s one thing to retire after getting starched by a young buck. That’s what’s happening with Frank Trigg, and he can at least hold his head up knowing that he gave it one last shot. But Mirko QUIT. His last moments in the cage were more befitting Bob Sapp than Mirko Crocop (an irony I’m sure Sapp will enjoy, all things considered). And now comes this statement from Crocop, which includes the vaguely pessimistic statement “Fuck it, I’m done.”

“Maybe the ones who have said that I’m done are right. Obviously, I can’t break my mental block in the Octagon. I have twenty years of  training like a spartan behind me. It has caught up with me, my body is broken down. I’ve been worn out,” he told Croatian newspaper Jutarnji after thinking about the turns his career has taken lately.

“I’ve been living a military life for 20 years now. Getting up at 6 am and working hard physically until 8 p.m. I want a normal life. I’m entering a cage and thinking about fishing in Privlaka. You can’t win that way. Maybe I should have quit after I won the [Pride FC] Open Weight Grand Prix.”

Will Crocop retire after this? Who knows. He has a long history of being emo, so this might just be another one of his spells. Perhaps after his period, he will be less hormonal and re-consider. But things really don’t look good. Junior Dos Santos made him quit in the cage, and I don’t know if he’s going to be able to come back from that. It sucks, because Mirko deserved a less bitch-ish last moment than this. But he did do it to himself, so who’s to say he didn’t deserve it?

(image by MMA Weekly)