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What a difference two and a half years makes

D-Doyle picks up on an amusing historical switcheroo in his Countdown to UFC 100 article on UFC 65:

Frank Mir caused a stir at the weigh-ins the day before the show by showing up in absolutely ripped condition. But before you could say “The old Frank Mir is back,” he was run over in just 1:09 by Brandon Vera. While this served as Mir’s career low point and Vera’s high point, the roles have since reversed. Vera, considered a can’t-miss prospect, went on an ill-advised contract holdout, lost out on a potential heavyweight title shot, and has never regained his footing. Mir, who at the time appeared one loss away from getting dropped by the UFC, has since gone on to beat Brock Lesnar and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and will meet Lesnar in a heavyweight title unification match at UFC 100.

Brandon Vera went from making 20k/20k for beating Mir to 100k/100k back down to 30k/30k. Frank Mir on the other hand is still making 45k/45k. Even with all those secret checks we assume the UFC is writing everyone, I think Brandon Vera is still somehow richer.