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Whaddevah, boxing

Don’t you just love boxing? The way everyone is freaking out about the sport following last weekend’s Pac-Man / Cheater fight, you’d think the landscape was a lush jungle of reinvigorated beauty instead of a dwindling oasis in a hellscape wasteland of who gives a shit. Yes, Manny Pacquiao is awesome. Yes, Pacquiao vs Mayweather would be bigger than any single fight currently possible in MMA. But I’d like to be the 8000000th person to point out that it’s also the last fight boxing has left that anyone gives a shit about.

With Mayweather more busy fighting domestic abuse charges than preparing for a fight, there’s nothing left for Pacquiao to do. Sure, he’ll keep making money off whatever chump fight gets set up next because he’s The Best, and people want to see The Best. But the gap between the Manny Pacquaio business and the boxing business is many times wider than the difference between the UFC and the rest of MMA. Fights are happening … our buds at BetUS always have a ton of boxing odds. But no one cares, and boxing is so poorly structured that it can’t even use the massive amount of attention from these Pac-Man superfights to convert some new fans in the long run.

Maybe Manny / Floyd will happen, and maybe it won’t. Either way, boxing only has a few more years before they’ve lost the final superstars capable of making sports fans care about the sweet science. I’m happy to concede that boxing still has the ability to do some serious business, but anyone pretending this is anything but the last echos of a sport that’s run itself into the ground just isn’t paying any attention.

(image via USA Today)

  • subo says:

    Cosigned, because that was some real ass shit you just said.

    Floyd is also apparently under investigation for assaulting a security guard for writing tickets for cars parked illegally outside of his house. Some guy.

  • Tanhauser says:

    Boxing isn’t just going to go away, just like the UFC will never just go away in it’s darkest days.

    They will have new super stars eventually. It’s not like Freddie Roach isn’t training up new guys like he trained up the Pac-man.

    Don’t forget that most of the big stars in MMA have lost recently and are probably coming up on their decline. B.J. Penn for example.

    The new big guys will need a few years to build up; Cain and John Jones, and a couple divisions don’t have clear super stars.

  • NinjaCodah says:

    damn right

  • Tanhauser says:

    I mean.. everybody keeps talking about the “last” boxing fight that anybody gives a shit about…

    But every time Manny fights, or mayweather fights everybody watches.

    So it’s at least 2 more years of fights people care about.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    if boxing were any gayer it would be… gay porn.

  • iamphoenix says:

    why do people like manny? he looks so stupid. look at the gaps in his teeth. and don’t get me started on his facial hair…

  • Letibleu says:

    I agree that you seem very invested in Mannys facial features. How queer of you.

  • Schrute Boxe says:

    call it weird but I’ve actually become a bigger fan of boxing through mma. i honestly think that it will be a long time before boxing loses their place in the sun while i genuinely believe mma will be back to a niche sport in another decade.

  • subo says:

    ^ That is both insanely pessimistic and would involve the next decade be a categorical rolling back of the last one. While I root for that in American politics, I don’t think it’s going to happen in MMA.

    ESPN hiring Josh Gross, more international events, higher salaries, every year a new PPV record, a Mexican heavyweight champion… just wait, Schrute. It’s going to be glorious.

  • iamphoenix says:

    what does EPSN hiring gross mean anything?

  • Jim says:

    Boxing isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. A Marquee boxing match is still the greatest spectacle in sport IMHO. Today’s boxers on average aren’t a patch on the guys that have gone before. But that doesn’t matter much; If you haven’t seen the best you won’t know that your not getting the best.

    I’m bored with these one-sided “super-fights”, but every other idiot in my office is impressed to no end. It’s the only fight they seen this year, but these fucking clowns are discussing if Manny’s the greatest ever or not. As if they’d have any fucking idea!
    Anyway my point is boxing’s imminent demise has been on the forecast ever since I can remember. Reason it hasn’t is because it’s still an awesome spectacle.
    Whether these massive super-fights continue or not depends on HBO’s promotion & presentation ability’s, rather than any particular star fighter.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Boxing is doing just fine with just having 2 super fights per year.

    To say boxing is dead because mma, is like saying PC gamin is dead because of consoles. Yeah the new kid on the block is doing pretty good for themselves but the old standard still has a trump card that cannot be rivaled Pacman and MMORPG’s/WoW (pun intended).

    We also need to understand the ubiquitous nature of what it takes to be a star in boxing, sorry for the game analogies again but just like Call of Duty from solid franchise to media event, Pacquiao went from a exciting legit boxer to must see ppv attraction over the course of the past 3 years. It wasn’t until the De La Hoya win that he became a legit superstar.

    As long as the casual fans are convinced they are at least watching one boxing demi god fighting a guy with a decent record they will watch in droves.

  • frickshun says:

    Blackula–>I agree. I actually think there’s a chance for Sergio Martinez to become a draw if he can beat Paul Williams (again!) this weekend. He’s a good looking guy (former model), has a pleasing style to watch & seems likable. Plus, he doesn’t duck fights the way a lot of guys duck Paul Williams (or used to duck Winky). Plus, he’s in that sweet spot of boxing weight classes (no casuals watch fights below 130 or near light heavy/cruiser).

    Berto has soooo much heat behind him but keeps fighting chumps. Victor Ortiz isn’t the guy Golden Boy was hoping for. Chad Dawson is like the Franklin/Marquardt of boxing & won’t ever be a big draw. If the Klitchko Bros put fights on American TV, people will always watch (including me).

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Word, Paul Williams, Martinez and Berto are pretty much the 3 guys on the cusp of superstardom in boxing imo. All 3 have the actual skills to win most fights and happen to be fighting in a stacked division.

    Williams biggest edge is that he is massive for the weight class and a tough fight for anybody, Pacquiao included.

    Sergio is also a legit high level boxer who is a handsome man (no homo) his biggest drawback is he doesn’t speak english.

    Andre Berto is an undefeated welterweight champion but mainly fights guys only hardcore boxing fans know or care about.

    All of these guys would give Manny a hell of a fight and seeing as Pacmans finishing ability is diminished when fighting bigger guys his best chance of losing a fight outside of the PBF fantasy fight is against these 3 guys.

    That being said, I see Manny fighting one more time and calling it a career.

  • frickshun says:

    He should fight the winner of Williams Martinez & retire. That would be a serious threat to his current streak.

    PS: When you say “Handsome Matt Wiman” do you feel compelled to say “no homo”, homo?

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Oddly enough I don’t find Matt Wiman particularly handsome…does that make me a pillow biter?

  • Jim says:

    I don’t think there’s much chance of Pacquiao fighting Martinez(good chance of getting beat). If Williams wins, I can definitely see Pacquiao taking him on next. The size difference alone would make that fight.
    For my money, I’d love to see Pacquiao/Marquez 3.

  • frickshun says:

    Marquez has slowed down. PacMan seems to have sped up…..& gotten bigger. It wouldn’t be close & nobody wants to see it. Especially after Money May slaughtered JMM.

    As far as Martinez, that’s exactly why he should fight him. People want to see him “risk it all” against a monster challege.

  • G-ranical says:

    There’s some British heavyweight that fought last week as well, that was suppose to be the next big thing but I watched his fight and it was ridiculous. Over in just a round and a bit(should have been over in the first minute of the first round), and basically the matchup was “an opponent” for this Davie guy or whatever his name is.

    I don’t give a shit about boxing. It’s sad that boxing has two of the greatest boxers of all time but because of it’s corruption, and one of the fighters being scurred to ruin his legacy, we’ll never see the fight everyone wants to.

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