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Wes Sims is suddenly popular again

(This is why I like Wes Sims. Oh, and all this too.)

For a guy who did so poorly on one of the worst seasons of The Ultimate Fighter in the history of the show that he didn’t even warrant a spot on the prelims of the finale, Wes Simms sure is an in demand guy suddenly. On the firmer, less rumorish side of things, we’ve got Tim Sylvia announcing on Twitter that he’ll be fighting ‘Simms’ in Ohio on March 20th. Next up for Timmy: the homeless guy behind Hardees and a 13 year old girl who called him Tim Shitvia.

Now onto the juicier stuff. With one opponent being considered too shitty by the Florida Athletic Commission and another too shitty by the general population, Strikeforce has been having a hard time finding someone for Bobby Lashley to fight. Enter Wes Sims, who became the rumored opponent du jour yesterday. During an interview this afternoon on TSN13’s Talking Sports, Sims confirmed that he’d been approached about the fight but also made it sound like he hasn’t really been training. Whether that will stop him or Strikeforce from going ahead with things is something we’ll have to wait and see about.

While this is sure to make MMA purists throw down their top hats with indignity and shout “Rabble rabble rabble!”, this matchup has kinda tweaked my interest. Even coming off the couch (or in Sims’ case, perhaps out from under the overpass?), I’m semi-interested in seeing how Sims would fare. And let’s face it: Strikeforce has obviously moved from the DVD bargain bin to the VHS cassette section in terms of fighter quality, and Sims is like a copy of Top Gun without the case: not that great, but hey it’s 2 bucks and ” target=”_blank”>all that gay innuendo between Cruise and Kilmer is fun to watch. So why not? It’s not like you’re gonna find a Lord of the Rings boxed set in there if you keep digging around.